This is Me!

My Name is Michelle!

I am a daycare teacher by day….helping teach and mold the minds of today’s youth. My mission is to prepare them for Kindergarten while expertly dodging boogers, poop, and puke. I am a professional at maintaining my cool for the war wounds of childhood that involve blood and stitches. However, if you come near me with a gooey runny booger face or wiggly teeth…I may run away gagging and screaming.

I am a photographer by night. Well, more like whenever I see something that requires me to pull out my camera and snap a few shots. I have a deep passion for photography and have for years. I am most comfortable with portrait photography, but I am also doing some dabbling in landscapes and more for some added fun! I am obsessed with photography and…as you will soon see…photos in general.

I am a Mom…ALWAYS! I have three energetic boys. Two little and one Big! (Yes…my Hubby is just one big kid) They do everything they can to keep me busy, slowly drive me insane, and melt my heart all at the same time.

Our favorite family activity is traveling. We aren’t too picky. We enjoy trips as simple as a semi-local camping adventure to as big as a cross country roadtrip complete with many sightseeing stops and memorable adventures. We camp frequently starting as early as April and usually going all the way to the end of October.

Geocaching is also a family hobby of ours. I learned about it from a blog I used to follow when I first started blogging before she disappeared. We tried it and it became an immediate hit. It has gotten us into hiking and taken us to different places to see many sites we never would have known about or seen without our new little hobby.

As for me…I have a varied and eclectic taste on just about everything. My ipod is full of many songs from many random genres. My movie collection has a big variety as well, but I will admit to minimal horror movies. The idea of paying to be scared when my anxiety does that enough for me seems silly. My love of reading ranges from tween books like Hunger games and Twilight and Divergent to more serious books like Lucky by Alice Sebold and Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco.

I like to try new things, but just like the saying “all things must come to an end”, I tend to lose interest or motivation for things and move on to something new.  So, if you aren’t a fan of randomness, change, weird family stories, and crazed teacher and mommy ramblings….move on now! If those things are right up your alley…grab a cup of coffee, teac, or vino (whatever your poison) and sit down and have a read!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check me out! 🙂


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