~Places I’ve Been~

In the USA:

Wisconsin, Georgia, Nebraska, Arizona, Colorado,Maryland, Iowa, Illinois,  New York, Nevada, Florida, North Dakota, South Dakota, & Minnesota. These are states I have visited in the good ole USA. Some…like Nebraska, Arizona, and Colorado…I haven’t been to since I was little. Eventually….I’d like to go to pretty much every State in the USA.

In the World:

Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal (When I was 16 to visit my German exchange student friend)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (When I was 18),

~Places I want to go~

In Wisconsin:

In the USA: 

California – (San Francisco, Napa Valley Area, Los Angeles, and More)

Texas- No preference where yet!


New York State – back to NYC & Niagara Falls Area

Washington DC

Pennsylvania – Hershey…because who doesn’t want to go to a city named after chocolate.

Louisiana – New Orleans (Of Course)

Tenessee – (More than just driving through. Nashville, Memphis, and more!




In the World:

Germany- (Back so I can take my hubby & add some new places) Munich, Berlin, Donauwoerth

France- Paris…of course. While I visited…I didn’t get to do much touring there. I want to see the inside of Notre Dame & The Lourve. I’d like to see The Arche up close. While i took pictures by and sat on The Eiffel Tower when I was 16…I didn’t appreciate it. I want to ride to the top.

Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Ireland, Greece, England, China, Japan, Thailand, Africa, Mexico, The Carribean, Bora Bora, Jamaica, and more. A blog I follow gave me interest in Iceland and Greenland’s beauty, but I don’t know if I can handle the cold. Brrrrrr. As you will see, most of my places are warm all year or at least have a summer.