My Plans

Anyone that knows me….knows that I am not the most organized person around. I can be organized and anal about things in my classroom, but in my life and in my house…I’m not as organized as I should be.

With the new year…I want to work on being a new me.

Ok…not a new me. More like me….with some improvements. I want to be more organized, more prepared, more healthy, more active, and more positive. I want to be the best me that I can be….while still keeping the random spaz that you know and love.

That being said, I want to have plans for my blog to keep me on track. So…here’s MY PLAN.

Sunday Sayings- I LOVE quotes. I always have. I love being able to read a quote and be able to apply it to my own life and wonder how the person who said it and wrote it felt or what others who read it think and feel. I used to be so obsessed that I have a whole notebook full of quotes. So, I plan on reading through this book of quotes and sharing some of the ones that I find that I still love with you all. Have one you like? Feel free to share it with me as well!

Monday Memes- Starting your week off with one or more memes to make you laugh and start you week off with some humor. After all, Humor is needed in life….especially on a Monday. Mondays are the worst.

Friday’s Photos- Since I want to experiment more with my camera and photography….I decided to follow a blogger buddy’s example and using the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, challenge myself to look at the way I see things differently and experiment more with the way I work my lens.

I also plan on posting my random ramblings about life and this and that, because thats how I roll. As some of my new years resolutions to myself are to get actively into yoga (and not just the idea of it because of people’s Yogi Photos) and to do more experimenting with real home cooked meals….I may be adding some form of a yoga theme and cooking theme. Who knows.

I am a person who likes to change her mind and try new things so….I reserve the right to get rid of any theme days I have and add more as I see fit and stop doing those and do new ones after that.

Sound Good????