My People

Here are some of the people you will read about in my blog to help keep them straight! 😀

My Little Family

Hubby- Ummmm…duh.

CamMan- My oldest son

BeanBoy- My youngest Son

My Lifelong Family:

Nana&Papa/Mom&Dad = my mom and dad

JT- My brother the firefighter and the middle child in our terrible threesome. 

MT- My youngest brother and the baby of the family. He has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, but hasn’t let the disease get the best of him! He’s a fighter.

My In-Laws:

Grandma & Grandpa Popcorn – my hubby’s mom and step dad.

Grandpa D & Grandma CB – Hubby’s dad and step mom

Hubby has two sisters and 3 step brothers….

CL -The oldest of him and his sisters. Yes…he’s the middle child. She is married to TL (we call ourselves the outlaws) and they have 3 girls. Boops, AddieJ, and CaraBean. 

JK- his youngest sister and the baby of the family. 

DP- the oldest of the 3 step brothers. 

JP- The middle of the step brothers. He has two little girls AP (no creative nickname for her yet) and SweetTea. 

KP- The youngest step brother! 

Honestly….there are only two that I really spend time with and will probably be talked about.

CrazyBestie- Met when they moved into the same apartment complex we were living in when BeanBoy was a baby. Been friends since. Her son NoBo is a good friend to my boys as well.

MyGirlie- We’ve been friends since high school. We were in dance together then as well as in college where we got close and despite ups and downs have been there for eachother when it mattered since!

These are all the People I can think of for now! I may add more as the blog and stories come…: