Bucket List

My Virtual Bucket List!

Oh yes, the things I want to do with my life! I will add things as I figure out more things I want to do in my life. As time goes on, other bloggers and people may put something new on my radar or inspire me to add something I would never have thought of.

As I do things on this list…I plan on not only blogging about them (obviously) but also crossing them off as I go!

  • Hike the Apostle Islands up in Door County, Wi Area
  • Do the zipline in Red Rock Canyon
  • Bungee Jump
  • Hike the 12 mile hike to Havasu Falls in Arizona
  • Stand Under a Waterfall
  • Go to Napa Valley, CA for a wine loving trip with my girls
  • Go on a girls only trip with my mom
  • Complete Hunter Safety
  • Take my Hubby on a trip to Europe
  • Have a family vacation to DisneyWorld with the whole works. (Staying on Disney property in a nice room with a meal plan and the works)
  • Stick my toes in the Pacific Ocean
  • Try to hug a redwood tree
  • Complete the Road to Hana in Hawaii (I may need to be sedated for the drive)
  • Take the kids swimming with dolphins
  • Go swimming with manatees
  • Stay in a Hostel while traveling
  • Go Camping in Almost every state
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Win the Lottery (ha ha)
  • Take the kids to somewhere they have never been before once a year
  • Go Back to School for SOMETHING
  • Take more photography classes to learn new tricks
  • Get one of my photos published somewhere
  • Consider finding my birth parents (This is still a huge I don’t know)
  • Go away for the weekend JUST ME


Bucket List Items already completed-

  • Jump off a building (Did the sky jump off the stratosphere in Las Vegas)
  • Swim with Dolphins (In Mexico when 18)
  • Went snorkeling off of an Island in the Ocean in Mexico (in Mexico when 18)
  • Parasailing (in Florida with parents and Ocean City, MD with Hubby)
  • Jetskiing in the Ocean (off the coast of Maryland)
  • Ride a train somewhere (In europe from Country to Country)
  • Go to a different country
  • Complete the Polar Plunge