Potential New Overseas Adventure!

So….after off hand comments about it for months, my Hubby just found out his work make be sending him overseas for a week or so. 

If this happens, we have decided that I will be renewing my passport and joining him for a week or so touring over yander!

Anyone know anything about Bratislava? What’s close to that area? Nearby places to see? 

I have been to the European area before. Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Portugal are places I have been! I think hubby would love Germany and France, but would like Ireland and maybe the UK area over the others. 

It would only be for a week or so. So…places that we can get to easily by train. That type of thing. Anyone have any information I need? Any recommendations? 

If it even happens, it will be in fall. Not holding my breath, but keeping my fingers crossed that it happens. After all, I live for the next adventure!!!!! 😀


3 thoughts on “Potential New Overseas Adventure!

  1. Haylee says:

    How exciting, I hope it happens for you! Both Prague and Budapest seem to be easily reachable by train from there, within a few hours. I have friends who were potentially going to live in Budapest so visited and did a lot of research. They said it was stunningly beautiful. I think everywhere in that area of the world is architecturally gorgeous.

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    • OneBusyMama says:

      Ooohhhhh good to know. If I make it over the European way I am insisting on Germany for a day or so am stance would be cool. But….all depends on time! 🙂

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  2. maggieandpatrickbailey says:

    I was just in Bratislava!!! It is a small city – we took a day trip there from Vienna (1 hour train ride – you can also travel down the Danube by boat – so super close to there!) – and I felt like I pretty much saw it all. The UFO Bridge is kinda funky – great views from there and the castle too! I also really enjoyed “the blue church”. I would definitely suggest traveling outside of Bratislava during your time visiting because you will be super close to lots of great places! I’ve not yet gotten to blog about Vienna and Bratislava, but I have covered Hallstatt, Prague and Budapest, all of which you will be pretty close to! Check out my blog if you’d like to read about them! http://www.thebaileybunchblog.com I hope you get to go!!

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