Mic’s Pics – Baby Bird

The other week, we were outside in the backyard doing some yardwork…when we stumbled across something wonderful and beautiful and just plain awesome. It was a birds nest…complete with some no longer itty-bitties, but babies none the less. The boys would constantly walk over to the bush/mini tree and peek to see if the babies were there and if mama was there and what they were all doing.

Since then, the babies must have learned to fly and left the nest, but the boys still check and the memories remain.

Here are a few shots I captured of our little birdie neighbors!


4 thoughts on “Mic’s Pics – Baby Bird

    • OneBusyMama says:

      Ha ha thanks! Been having some issues with my WP apps and since my PC usage is minimal at best…it’s the way I blog! So, I got so mad….I deleted the apps from the phone and tablet and walked away. I’m back with a van hence and trying to make up for lost time. Although summer is insanely busy for us! Life is life! I m glad to be back. I missed my blogging world! Can’t wait to start swinging by my fave haunts and catching up!!!!

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