My lil Biker Dude

The other week, Hubby decided to start teaching the BeanBoy how to ride his bike without training wheels. 

A few years ago CamMan kind of taught himself at daycare and Hubby felt a little jipped out of the father/son biking lessons. He was not going to miss out on this one!

Day 1- Went much better than expected. Lots of Daddy running next to BeanBoy while he pedaled, but….he was only holding on lightly with one hand.

He even biked about 10 feet on his own when he didn’t know that Dad let go!!!! I call it a successful first day!!

Day 2- I don’t have any photos of…I took videos instead. *hangs head in shame for no photos* But…he once again did great! He started with dads assistance again and also did some biking without dad holding on and he KNEW dad wasn’t holding on! 😮

Day 3- Day three was a shocker. 

He did most of his biking without anyone holding onto the bike.

And since we live on a little circle, Hubby just ran next to him in case he was needed because his steering wasn’t the best yet and we really didn’t want him to hit any neighbor’s cars!

 He needed Hubby’s help getting started, but that was about it! 

By the end of Day 3…you would have thought we’ve been teaching him to do this for much longer than we did! He was cruising around like a champ!

That was too easy! Maybe it’s because we’ve had his training wheels raised off the ground for a few months now. Maybe he was just born to ride. Whatever the case may be….



2 thoughts on “My lil Biker Dude

    • OneBusyMama says:

      I saw that on your Instagram!!!! Gotta love it! Makes me feel like they are growing up too fast!!! Where did the time go?


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