Heaven on Earth!

Are you reading the title in your best upper class voice?

No, I’m not a country club member and no….I don’t make enough $$ to belong to a country club. Reading the pamphlet and what the yearly $$$ is caused a pretty serious jaw drop from yours truly. We went because we were invited.

My husband’s Grandma’s fiancé (say that three times fast) just had a birthday and Grandma decided to have a surprise birthday brunch for him at the country club. 

A surprise, but no yelling “SUPRISE!!!” Because we don’t have to give the poor sweet man a reason for his pace maker to kick in! 

The drive down the club’s driveway was impressive! The entry way was gorgeous! Everything was just so perfect looking and when I walked into the party room and a server immediately asked if I would like some champagne or a mimosa…I knew I was in heaven!

There wasn’t just an angel walking around getting people delicious heavenly drinks….there was also a coffee bar complete with coffee and cream and sugar and flavor syrups!!!! In my opinion, coffee has to be the drink of the gods  and this just had to be another sign that I died and gone to heaven!

Then, the kiddos spotted….the juice bar! Complete with 6 different juices! Six!!!! Do we really need six juice choices? Probably not. We’re we happy to have them? Yes!!! Did the kids love it? YES!!!!! Did they sample each and every one?? OF COURSE!!!!!!

And they did so with style!! Yes, those are my boys drinking from fancy lil glasses and dresses like little studs! 

After all…..it was a rather fancy affair! This tomboy even got dressed up for the occasion!

No….your eyes are not deceiving you. I AM WEARING A DRESS!!!! This is something that never happens! I can probably count all the times I’ve worn a dress on two hands. Well….maybe two hands and two feet….but not much more! Growing up a huge tomboy….dresses and I didn’t get along!

I think this tomboy rocked her Country Club attire!!! It helped that it is one of my many new LuLaRoe items and is super comfortable! ❤️ 

The food made wearing the dress even easier than it was with it already being sooo comfy!

Oh…..the food!!!!


There was a custom waffle station complete with A fancy hat chef, an omlette fancy hat chef station, a breakfast brunch heavenly buffet, a yogurt & toppings bar, and a fruit and salad table.

I didn’t even mention the best part!

There was a…..


It was full of all sorts of naughty (for my diet) and delicious sweet treats! There were cupcakes and muffins, pudding of some sort and fruit like a parfait in champagne flutes, brownies, cakes, and Danishes!

That’s not all!!!!

Cheesecakes and truffley thingies!

There were about 5 or more different kinds of cheesecakes and the fact that I somehow managed to contain myself and try only ONE was a miracle in and of itself!

There were also multiple varieties of the truffley things! I by some strange willpower managed to eat only one. It was a white chocolate something or another (technical term) and to saw it was magnificent would be too modest. It was down right heavenly. 

Seriously died and went to heaven and came back all in one bite!


Oh…..wait…..there’s MORE! 

This next part even the kids were super psyched for! This may have been the highlight of my boys day!

A chocolate fountain!  

They had all sorts of dipping goodies too! They had strawberries, bananas, pretzels, marshmallows, Oreos, and Rice Krispies! There was more but I can’t remember it all! CamMan loved the fountain! I think my sweet toothed child could have stayed there all day if we let him. 

He ate a very good brunch so…he also got to eat all the sweets he wanted! He definitely took advantage of that!

Needless to say…we had a good day! We learned a few good things too…

1) There is such a thing as heaven on earth where angels serve you heavenly food and drinks!

2) Getting dressed up is definitely worth all the tongue teasing tasties!!

3) There is no such thing as too much chocolate when it comes to a chocolate fountain!

4) Even something that seems boring…like brunch at Grandma’s Country Club…can be a fun adventure!!!


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