Slithering into the weekend

Maybe you saw my Instagram of the snake? Were you just DYING to know what happened? Well…I’m going to tell you!!!!It was just your typical weekend day. We even went to the inlaws to do an oilchange on the vehicle. They were all in the backyard and as we walk down to the group one of my nieces runs out of who knows where all wild hair and crazy-eyes shouting….


My kids take off running after her and I look to the other adults in panic to see them sitting there calmly…as if they have no idea what my niece just shouted at the top of her lungs. Crap. I guess that means I have to be the responsible adult and make sure the kids don’t get bit.

Did I ever mention that snakes terrify me?

And centipedes….definitely centipedes. 

So I follow the yelling of the children to a group of trees in back. Sure enough there goes a little snake slithering into the trees. And another. And another. And another. Crap. I’m pretty sure I just barely surprised a scream when Grandma Popcorn walks around the trees and tells me they found a garter snake nest. 

She proceeds to tell me that they are completely harmless and can’t even bite….as one of my nieces (6 and 4) reach down and grab hold of one of the little buggers and pick it up like its nothing.

The girls were passing the snake back and forth while talking a lot how they know it’s a boy (something about its eyes) and all I could do was sit there and scream in my head.

My boys, on the other hand, were intrigued. Grandma said they don’t bite and if the girls can do it…of course they can too, right? I mean…boys are more brave! So, the snake hunt began. Complete with shrieking about finding a snake followed by walking slowly like a ninja up to it as if the previous shriek hasn’t already alerted the snake to the child’s whereabouts.

They would get Soo close and would almost be touching the snake then magically the snake would be too fast for them and slither away. But the girls had no problem catching snake after snake. 

So, either my boys are THAT much slower than the girls OR they are making excuses because they aren’t sure they really want to catch one. I’m leaning towards option 2 and I can’t say a blame them. Creepy slithery little creatures. *shudders*

The snake hunt was on when more inlaws arrive! CL, TL, & girls arrived! They were also greeted to screams about the snakes….and with a little slithering buddy shoved in their faces. Soo glad I didn’t get that welcome.

With 3 new kids and a few new adults joining in, this snake hunt got more serious. Snakes were caught and held and passed around….

Hubby joined in on the search despite his case or the willies! BeanBoy finally held a snake…

Despite his very grown up cool kid “this is cool” attitude….I think he was more scared of holding the snake than he wanted to show. Our number one snake hunter was magically some hunting and didn’t want to hold anymore. The kid who normally would rather now share suddenly wanted everyone to have a turn. Funny how that works. 

Hey, despite his fears he tried something new and I am very proud of him for that!

CamMan was the opposite. Once snakes were caught and available for holding and being passed around….he may it clear that he was NOT INTERESTED! We kept encouraging him to give it a try. “You might realize is not scary and is actually cool.” All that jazz. It’s happened with him before, why not?

The I felt a little pang of guilt. I’m telling him to try something he’s kind of afraid of doing and here I am avoiding the snake at all costs. Sure, I’ve held and touched snakes when I was younger, but he doesn’t know that. 

Lead by example mama…lead by example.


So, in an effort to teach my children that trying something you are afraid of can be a good thing and you may surprise yourself by liking it…..


No, I did not discover that I magically like snakes. Then again….I have tried holding a snake before and already know that I still immensely loathe slithery creatures. My kids just weren’t alive back then to know that I did that. So, I sucked it up and did it for them. 

The things I do for my kids….

While CamMan still did not hold the snake. He did let me hold it around him and touched it….all the while squeezing my elbow as hard as he could. It’s a step!

The snake chasing and catching and holding went on for hours. I will never get over how fearless these kids are. Wonder what they will think when they get older and see what they did!

yes, she is swinging with a snake

It was a successful slithery day (that the kids talked about for a week after) that ended with a rather picturesque walk I blogged about before! 

Who knew I’d actually hold a snake? Then again…life is one great big adventure! 

****Please note….NO snakes were harmed in our wonderful slithering adventure! They were loved and adored by all (well…except me) before being returned to the trees by their hole! The children and snakes were under multiple adults for supervision for their safety and that of our slithery friends!****


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