May the Fourth be with you!

Yes I’m a nerd.

Now I don’t care that I’m a nerd.

My boys are declaring “Star Wars day” to be the BEST.DAY.EVER!!!

Some of my work pals even got into the nerdy celebration of Star Wars awesomeness! Actually, KT and I came up with the idea for Our  daycare dress up! (She’s missing her storm trooper mask in this photo!)

So to all my Star Wars lovers out there in the galaxy….may your nerd shine bright today and….


❤️ Princess Leia! 


7 thoughts on “May the Fourth be with you!

    • OneBusyMama says:

      Ha ha! Nice! I applaud her!! Let the geeky-ness shine bright! It makes us unique! Hubby is sadly without Star Wars gear, but the rest of us rocked it! I was originally going to sport some camo like Leia in Return of the Jedi or a full white ensemble like in “a new hope” but….all white didn’t seem practical at a daycare. (Especially not when we are spray painting) and the camo just didn’t happen! I think everyone got the Leia hint!!! Thanks! 😀

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        • OneBusyMama says:

          Ha ha ha! Nice! I grew up with a dad who loved the three originals (now episodes 4,5,6) so those I know well. The newer ones that they made to show people the storyline before those originals (now 1,2,3) I don’t know or like very much. I do love the new one though. I get it….it’s all confusing.

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