Walking, throwing stones, & monkey butt

After a fun morning of trying on clothes while hosting my LuLaRoe party (I am seriously addicted. It may be a problem.) I decided that the boys and i needed to take advantage of the remaining beauty and sunshine of the day. Hubby was out enjoying the beauty of nature while hunting for turkeys…we should enjoy some too.

I picked a park with a great walking path, water nearby, and a playground for when the kids are over their walk in nature!

We weren’t even more than a few feet and just a few mere minutes into the walk when it began. They find a stone… “Look at this stone I found!!!! It’s sooo cool. It’s HUGE!!!!”  The stone gets thrown into the water. *SPLOOOSH* (insert view of giant splash here) “WHOAH! That was soooo cool Bro!!!!! Let’s find more stones and do it again!”

There’s the set up for our walk. Every few feet a new stone was declared to be the “most awesomest stone EVER” and forgetting the previous holder of the precious stone title…the new one is ceremoniously thrown into the river and the splash is marveled over as enthusiastically as the previous stone if not more.

Boys. I love how they can take something as simple as throwing a rock and splashing it into the water and be thrilled by the outcome. I love their simple self entertainment and joy. Maybe not to stop every 5 feet to hunt for the new perfect rock, but enough to stop every 15-20 feet! 😉 After all, I did come here for a walk.

The plan was to try to make it the whole way around the walking oath. We’ve never made it the whole way around before. We didn’t this time either. In fact, we only made it slightly farther than we have been before. Oh…but those awesome stones and their splashes! Soooo worth not completing the planned walk. Right? 🙄

Maybe for some of these Views…

Even BeanBoy seemed to enjoy the view. Or maybe it was that he found a spot where he could sit and have unlimited rocks to throw while mom took pictures. 

No matter the reason…they were back at it again…

They declared their readiness for the playground so we turned around and headed back to that area. The way back was more climbing on fallen trees and running the path than rock throwing which was fine by me. Then, BeanBoy decided to run down this little gravel hill. His run turned into a slip…then a reverse fall onto his rump…and then a rump slide the rest of the way down the hill. 

Tough he may be, but boy did he burst into tears quickly. Half screaming and grabbing his poor little tush. Once a group of walkers was past us….I took a look. No cuts or blood, but his cute little backside was as red as a a clowns plastic nose. Gravel burn from the “ride” down maybe?

Around them was when Hubby decided to do his husbandly/fatherly/manly duties and check in on his wife and children. Gotta love starting a phone call with a screaming child. I proceeded to tell him what happened to which he replies “So he has a wicked case of monkey butt.” Due to my confusion, he explained that the term comes from the fact that many monkeys have red butts. Fascinating, huh?

(I’d never heard of the term before.)

His manly duties out of the way and desperate to not have to listen to a crying child, he quickly found an excuse end the call. Can’t say I blame him, but don’t tell him that! 

The rest of the walk was uneventful. Rock throwing quickly became a thing again as the boys stopped running due to “monkey butt” injuries. 

Now that we were back on our way and walking with a very important purpose…the playground of course…we made it back to the parking lot and playground area in a timely manner and the kids were climbing and swinging and sliding to their hearts desire!

What a great end to a fun day!!

(Except the monkey butt…that could have been happily left out of our little adventure)

*Not my most formal Mic’s pics, but the views were great!*

**All photos were taken with my iPhone. Please as permission before using or sharin please**


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