A Proper Farewell

OK…. so it isn’t really goodbye. Its More like see ya again but in a different place.  A moving party if you will. 

After this season,  the Milwaukee Admirals will no longer be tearing the ice at the Bradley Center. They will be relocated to a different building in Milwaukee.   They have been at the Bradley Center for as long as I can remember.  I remember going there for games as a child.  In fact,  I remember when the Milwaukee Wave soccer team to play there before also being relocated.

A local radio station had some farewell ticket deal so decided to go and being the boys. CamMan was on cloud 9. I don’t think there is a sport that kid isn’t interested in.

He was cheering and yelling and full of that insanely contagious excitement only a child has.

Then there the BeanBoy……

Bored out of his mind and using my arm for all sorts of things.  I felt like a chew toy… Except he want actually chewing on me.

At one point, all the lights were shut off and they everyone turn on their phone flash and wave themin the air for a sendoff. The roar of the audience was deafening and gave me goosebumps. I took a picture. So did the Bradley center and theirs is better but…. You get the idea.

It was a fun night and we can’t wait to go and see and support the Milwaukee admirals in their new location next season!


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