Wine Country in Spring Continued

For the first part of my blog…I ended with us at Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery! 3rd winery of our wonderful Saturday of our girls weekend getaway!
After all the wineries, we were ready for some chow! 

We ended up having dinner at a place called The Log Den. There was a prom group there when we arrived which caused a wave of nostalgia for us old farts. 

The reviews for the place were pretty good. I don’t know if the kitchen staff was new or if they were just goofing off because it was a slow off season night, but we had a few issues. 40 minutes after ordering they told us they didn’t have the prime rib the way my sis n law JK ordered it,  I was given the wrong potatoes, the bottom of CrazyBestie’s chicken was burnt, and my other sis n law CL’s jumbo shrimp weren’t so jumbo. 

My Steak Diane

If it weren’t for all the mess ups….the food would have been delicious! My food was delicious. Just the wrong potato. So, I wouldn’t say don’t try The Log Den…it just may be better in season instead of during off season. 

We did love the rustic interior of the restaraunt and the waitress was nice!

Then…it was back to the hotel for another hot tub night! We sure did love the hot tub and the bonus of off season was….it was empty except for us!

CrazyBestie’s selfie stick skills

Our second night in was more relaxed!!! 

After the hot tub, it was time for some wine and cheese back in the room before curling up and watching a chick flick with CrazyBestie!

Didn’t take long before this exhausted chick passed out.  

Our plans for Sunday morning were to wake up and make our breakfast in our little kitchenette. Instead, we relaxed and slept in. So….we packed up, checked out, and headed out to a cute little diner for breakfast.

In all our times out in Door County, we’ve driven past The Village Cafe a ton of times and never even thought about stopping in. It’s not so cute on the outside, but looks can be deceiving! Check this out…

It’s bright and cheerful and quirky and cute!

The atmosphere was great! The waitstaff was sooo attentive and friendly! 

And the food….

Cajun Chicken Eggs Benedict

Sausage Biscuits & Gravy

And the charm…..

And don’t even get me started on the tasty mimosas! The coffee was great too…and I’m picky about my coffee!!!

They had trinkets all over the walls…clocks, art, and more for sale too! Seriously cute place!!!

I WILL be going back again!

From there we started to make our way out of town….but ended up making a few more stops along the way.  

Like this cute little place….

It’s a little coffee shop that sells Door County made Coffees, teas, and loose teas. There also some pretty swanky clothing, jewelry, and knic knacks. I didn’t get any coffee, but it smelled heavenly in there!!!! I think i should have! There was even a drive up expresso bar!

From there it was off to our final winery of the weekend!!

It was our first time at this winery. When you walk in its cute, but kind of bare…

But….still super cute!

The tatting was $2 for 5-6 samples. The gentleman that was helping us was probably the best tasting guide of the weekend. We were very impressed and happy with our experience here. 

There were sooo many tasty wines for sampling as well! Soo good!

The shop that is attached to it wasn’t open being off season which was a bummer, but the wine sure made up for it! 

After trying a delicious dessert wine, the ladies were craving chocolate! Our handy dandy helper man referred is to a candy shop on the way home. Of course we HAD to stop! 

….and then we saw an antique store we had to go in across the street and a fabric store. And our trip home got longer and longer with each shop we entered.

Our final stop on the way home was Renards cheese. Because what could be a better way to end the weekend than with some fresh cheese…..

…..and more food samples!

From the cheese place….we made our way home to end our girls weekend. While we all were ready to go home and 3 of us missed out kiddos…we weren’t ready for the fun and relaxing weekend to be over! Although, we are planning on doing it again!


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