Wine Country in Spring

After all the crazy and chaos filled past 9-10 weeks of overtime…I decided I needed some time off. Some me time.

Ok…it was a weekend so it was time off I already had, but I turned it into something darn it!

I decided I need a no-kids and no-men weekend getaway! CrazyBestie jumped on board super fast followed by my sis-n-law CL who talked the other sis-b-law, JK, into coming! Just a simple Friday through Sunday weekend getaway. No extended weekend or any other crazyness! Just a simple weekend away in wine country in spring with the ladies.

Then, good ole Wisconsin reared its ugly head! Friday’s forecast was horrible at best. Snow….snow….and more snow! Seriously?!?! Where did spring go? Gotta love Wisconsin. *insert MASSIVE eyeroll here*

Once we had met up and transferred belongings and food for the weekend to the vehicle of our choosing….we were off! We were excited for a girls weekend in wine country! (Aka Door County in Wisconsin!) Nothing could bring us down! We were on our way!

Then we drive past a truck in the ditch…

Then we drive last an SUV in the ditch….

Then another car…and another car…and another car in the ditch.

We drove past car after car after car in the ditch! Within an hour of our trip we had driven past over 20 cars in the ditch! Ohhh….and our main speed was 25mph. Hello white out slow storm conditions! Ohh joy! I was sitting like a granny behind the wheel….leaning forward with my eyes squinting and straining to see the road! While knuckles and praying that my fate wasn’t like the oh-so-many we passed.

Well….slow and steady must win the race here in Wisconsin because  I made it safely to our destination without issues. No sliding at all! No ditches! Success!!!!

Once out of the car…I was ready for a glass of wine!! Or two or three. Needless to say….night one was a smidge rough! Fun but rough! We spent the few remains of the open pool time for some wonderful hot tub time!

Pouring ourselves some drinks

Hot Tub & Pool Fun

The next morning we slept in a little bit and nurses our wounds…aka hangovers. Yes, even mommies can have hangovers! 

After the sleep and hangover nursing and even some breakfast….we decided to head out for some fresh air and even a little hiking. We headed out to Cave Point Park. It was a chilly chilly day so the hike wasn’t that long, but just what we needed! You’d think it wouldn’t be a good start to the day, but it was perfect!

And oh….what views we had!!!

And we MAY have tried out my new selfie stick! Yes…I got one…but mainly because I’m always the one taking the photos and now I can actually get in some.

CrazyBestie & Me enjoying the views!

Us ladies enjoying the hike!

The further we walked the more AMAZING the views got!!  Seriously….

Love the icicles hanging from the rocks

The waves were crashing over the rocks and icing over

I love this tree stump! I decided that it looked like a lady with a long flowing dress and hair all blowing in the wind.

Yes, I have an imagination!

Great little Hike!

We were bundled up and slightly chilled, but thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

I seriously could not get over how all the icicles were hanging from the rocks. It looked so cool!

We had a wonderful walk and saw some obviously impressive views! But by this point, we were definitely chilled and ready to go somewhere warm.

Let the winery visits and wine tasting begin!

The nice thing about Door County is, there are tons of wineries with all different kinds of wines! If you like wine and you’ve never been there…..I totally recommend making a visit!

We started with Simon Creek Winery. The tasting there is free. They have a lot of award winning wines. The area behind the winery has a big grassy area and deck. I hear during summer they have live music, but haven’t been there for that. Lucky for us….we got in and out before one of the Door County wine tour trolleys showed up! 

From Simon Creek we headed over to the Door Peninsula Winery. It’s a busy winery since its on the main drag. There’s also a distillery and a cafe inside. The wine tasting is $3 but for 7 samples. They have a very large selection of wines to choose from! I love their blackberry merlot and cranbernet! They have some great seasonal ones as well! 

Plus, there’s some tasty treats to sample as well. There’s fudge, dips & cheese, and bread with all sorts of flavored dipping oils! Did I mention that I love samples? And food? The peanut butter chocolate fudge was TO DIE FOR!

I’ve never tried the distillery so I don’t have any feedback on that but my sister n laws did it and liked it! I have tried the eatery and the food was pretty tasty. The inside of the whole place is beautiful as well!

Our 3rd stop for the day was Orchard Country Winery! This one is one of my faves! So many wines that I love, great friendly staff, and more!

They also have great samples!! Dips, chips, salsas, all sorts of cherry juices, and more!

If you come at the right time of the year…you could be there for prime cherry or Apple season. Depending on the season, there’s cherry and apple picking. We’ve been there for cherry picking in previous years and it is a great time! The kids ate more than they picked but it’s a good time. This winery has a free tasting of 5-6 wines. They have a great outdoor area and even a playground for the kids. Highly recommend it!

The weekend isn’t over here….there’s more to come, but that’s for another post!



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