Stress undoing all my good hard work…

Frustrated is an understatement.

Down right upset is closer to the truth. 

Obviously, I have been working insanely long hour work weeks for the last 9 weeks. I have also been thinking about and Facebook stalking and praying for my cousin who is in hospice dying of cancer. 

I have been coping with a completely “new life” where I know who my birth family is and am trying to figure out exactly what I  want to do. I have made some form of contact (post in the process of being written) and have learned about some of my genetics.

I am stressed.

Busting my butt to stay positive and keep a good outlook, but stressed none the less. 

My pants have been fitting a little tighter again lately so….I decided to step on the scale. I knew that I have been stress eating lately…. But didn’t thing I was suess eating enough to gain back 9 pounds!!! Jeeze!!! 

All that time and effort and hard work slipping away. Grrrr!!! 

So….despite my exhaustion at the end of the day….. Its now 20-30 minutes treadmill time and some arm lifting stuff for “sexy summer arms you can be proud of” AND a 30 day “cute butt squat challenge”. 

This 9lbs needs to go back where it came from! Like……now!


One thought on “Stress undoing all my good hard work…

  1. KaroliinaHellen says:

    First of all…. I’m so sorry reading about your cousin. There really never is any right words in these moments. I totally know how you feel about the stress and medicating by eating. That is something I’ve always struggled with… Important is that we are aware of that action so w can little by little change it.
    So Don’t be too hard on your self. Give your self some gratitude instead. You have done amazing job and this is just a minor thing. Keep up the good work!! xxx

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