I more than survived

Day one of a 50ish hour work week…
I made it. I more then made it! I rocked it! 

No idea what got in to me today, but I managed to make it through my 10 hour day with minimal complaining and annoyance and frustration. 

I haven’t hit my Fitbit step goal in weeks and today I not only hit it. I hit it by 3pm and then annihilated it. I ended my day with over 14,000 steps!

Oh…. And I completely cleaned and organized and rearranged a big classroom.

Once home… I did dishes, cleaned the coffee maker, cleaned the kitchen, and did laundry BEFORE doing my new arm sculpting and squat challenges. I was planning on some treadmill action as well, but that didn’t make the cut. 

Wine was more important, but I didn’t even have half the glass before I fell asleep!

Happy I made it through the day. Thrilled I made it through and am still positive. I’m proud that I not only made it but rocked it!!!! Exhausted because I did all the above!

So…. To bed I go!!!!


**** All images courtesy of Facebook! Hey….. It’s where memes live!!!!****


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