I can see my…. 

Here we were….sitting at the lunch table. 

It’s Thursday…chicken day. So, no battling over taking tastes of foods we “don’t like” upon site. It’s always chicken nuggets or tenders or strips. Some kind of chicken breaded and such. Usually with mashed potatoes and gravy OR hashbrown patties…and fruit. 

Easy peasie.

So, here we are…the children are quietly eating their meals. 

Who am I kidding? Eating their meals…yes! Quietly…heck no. Eating between story telling, burps, fart noises, and yelling across the room to friends sitting right next to them is more like it. With me constantly reminding them…

“remember your manners”

“that wasn’t a real burp…please be appropriate”

“fart noises at the table is not good table manners”

“Your friend is sitting right next to you, there’s no need to yell”

“Where are my inside voices?”

“If we keep up these bad table manners and inappropriate noises you will be excused to lay down for nap with NO BOOKS and NO PUZZLES”

Somewhere between the first and last “reminder” that is of course ignored, the gentle sweet reminding teacher voice turns into the stern “don’t mess with me” teacher voice. 

Yes, this is a daily occurrence. Gotta love 4yr olds. 

I finish getting the nap time stuff ready (between requests for napkins and more milk and seconds) and look over the kids to see one of my girls pulling her shirt down so far that you can see her nips. 

She is showing her friends and saying….

LOOK!!!! I can see my boobie buttons.

Between telling her that showing off her lady parts and saying boobie isn’t appropriate at daycare…I am holding back laughter.

And all I can think is…

If nipples are truly buttons…what do they do? 


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