Here’s to Pie in Your eye! 

We are a Boardgame loving family! 

So, when Hubby and I were at the store and saw what has become a very popular and talked about game for sale….we just HAD to have it! 

Boardgame night anyone?

The game is called Pie Face!

Essentially you stick your face in a hole in a chin rest. You spin a spinner to get a number.

 That number is the number of clicks you should do. You can choose to do all of your “clicks” or just some. If you chose to do just some (2 instead of 5) you get 2 points. If you do all 5 and DONT get pie in your eye….you get double! (So 10 instead of 5) Now…if you don’t finish your “clicks” and get lie in your face…you get no points. First to 25 wins!

To say it’s entertaining is an understatement!!!!!

 It was very fun and at moments suspenseful because you may see 3 people go and not get “pie” in their face. You know it’s probably close to going off! So, how many can you do without getting…

Pie in your face!

Sometimes you are able to successfully get your “clicks” 

Then sometimes you get a face full of whipped cream!!!!

Clean breaks for faces full of cream…it was a very fun game and the whole family enjoyed it! It was full of laughs!

Worse comes to worse…it made for some great photo ops…

And some hilarious videos…

I really CANT WAIT to bring this baby out at the next family gatherings! Oh the wonderful photos I will have!



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