The welcoming committee 

Now that they are old retired folk…my mom and dad like to travel! They visit friends around the country, they go to Florida quite a bit (maybe because Gramps still has a house there), they go on cruises, and more. They like to travel. It’s not a case of wanderlust as much as a case of “vacation-itis” because they go to a lot of the same places. They just like to be on vacation. 

So, when they are gone…we end up being the house watchers and maintainers and formerly (till this last year when their dog died) we were their dogs sitters. Occasionally their chauffeurs as well. This time, they were going to be gone for 3 weeks so….leaving a car at the airport was a little too pricey. So, hubby drove them down before work the day they left. I took off the day they were to come back (although I ended up working that day for a few hours anyways ) to go and pick them up. Due to the fact that neither Hubby or myself would have been able to be to the kiddos school in time to get them…I took them out of school early to go and get them.

The kids made signs. We got to the airport early and I expected there to be restlessness and drama, but they did sooo well! 

They loved the “people mover” as we call it! Who knew it could be SOO MUCH FUN! Yes…CamMan is a ninja.

There was a little museum in the airport that we checked out. Very small, but was filled with small airplane models, some stuff from Jim Lovell who was a NASA astronaut from Milwaukee, coins from around the world that were pulled out of the “Gravity Well” and more. Surprisingly, the kids loved the little museum!

From there we went to go find the infamous Gravity Well. I had put coins into the well as a child when I visited the airport with my parents growing up and had to do it with the boys!

It STILL exists and we did it a few times! They loved it! They begged to do it again and again, but sadly…I had just emptied my purse of coins.  Bad mama!

At this point we had less than 30 minutes so…we found a spot to sit near their terminal area and enjoyed some snacks while watching the planes take off and land.

I’m pretty sure they asked me every few minutes of Nana & Papa were almost here yet. They were so excited! So curious with so many questions.

 My day was made when a lady sitting near us praised me for how I interact with my kids. Apparently she sees too many parents just ignore their kids and was impressed by the fact that I wasn’t just brushing off their questions or giving them a quick and easy answer. She was floored by the fact that I not only went into details in my answers, but turned around and asked them questions related to it to encourage their creativity and stimulate their brain. To me this was one of the best compliments I have ever received! 

The time had come for Nana & Papa to arrive so….we situated the boys where They would be seen, but would be out of everyone else’s way. They stood their proudly holding their signs. They were goofing off and dancing and singing. Everyone that walked by before my parents came just loved them. They got compliments for their signs and “awwws” and “I wish my kids did that for me”.


Needless to say…Nana and Papa were sooo surprised to see the kids their and loved their welcoming committee!

I kind of adore them myself!

Who knew a trip to the airport when you aren’t leaving to go somewhere could be so much fun! 


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