Oh how things have changed…

How many of you look at the “On this Day” option on Facebook? 

I do just about every day. The flashback moments are awesome? Who needs throwback Thursday or flashback Friday when you have Facebook giving you flashbacks daily?

St Patrick’s day was full of flashbacks!!!!

We have some pre-marriage and pre-kiddos flashbacks….

Nights full of beer and bars and karaoke and friends! 

And apparently GIANT green bead necklaces! 

Then we get to the post marriage, but early life with kids St Patty’s Day…

Not beer… green propel! Preggers me!


Kissing my little partially irish CamMan

Since marriage and kids our St Patrick’s Day has mainly been chilling at home drinking a green beer while rocking green attire!

2014 MyGirlie came over for a green beer.

Last year we had a little St Patrick’s Day shindig at My sis n laws house. Complete with Beer and corned beef and cabbage. 

This year…I worked. With all the stress going on lately, I decided to be a little “out there” with my St Patty’s attire! Why not entertain?

I rocked some pretty awesome socks and my little boys (yes…I got them from the boys section) skater shoes complete with neon green laces. What can I say? I’m one styling gal! 😉

The socks only get better! You didn’t think it was possible, but…voila…


Since they have been talking about their leprechaun trap to get some gold…I said I got these sweet socks from a leprechaun. They asked if I stole the socks from a leprechaun named lucky since the socks say Lucky. I told them no….I took the leprechaun’s lucky socks because I need some luck o the Irish! 

I had multiple shirts and dos wardrobe changes through out the day, but only took photos of my favorite one!

The kids loved it! What isn’t  cool about superheroes? 

So….we have the leggings with knee high leprechaun lucky socks, shoes with neon green laces, awesome St Party’s day shirts, and…

The headband!!!! Can’t forget the headband! I had bright green under tanks that helped make the outfit POP as well! Oh…and some pretty cool glasses!

Kids laughed. Parents laughed. Teachers laughed. I brought smiles to many faces and couldn’t be more happy about that! After all, it was the goal!

MyGirlie has this Timehop all that’s similar to facebook’s “on this day” and it had the photo of her and I posted above. She decided we needed an update! 

It’s cute!

Sometimes I can’t believe we have been friends since highschool! Love it!

After working, it was off to CL’s for our second annual St Patrick’s Day dinner! I kicked off the night with an Irish brew…

No more fake dyes green beer for this gal anymore! Go big or go home!

We had Ruebens and corned beef and cabbage with boiled potatoes! It was all very tasty! 

The holiday hasn’t changed, but the way I celebrate it sure has! I went from a bar hopping karaoke singing partier to a stay at home make my own green beer while watching the kids mama to a Guinness drinking Irish meal consuming family gal! 

I’m still the crazy fun holiday obsessed gal, just with more eye lines, better values, and a better taste in beer!


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