Just a little sap 

It’s the start of spring!

The frost and cold is leaving. Warmth is coming to the area. The ground and trees are thawing and as a result, the trees are flowing. 

Well, their sap is. 

A few years ago, Hubby had an urge to attempt to tap our giant maple tree. We boiled the sap that we had gotten and turned it into syrup. 

Now….years later….we have our large maple tree tapped and 3 large trees at my parents house. So far, we’ve already got 40+ gallons of sap this year and the spring is young. Our sap to syrup operation went from our little family of 4 to adding in the sisnlaw’s family of 5 and now…this year…Grandma and Grandpa Popcorn.

These last few years we’ve been boiling sap the expensive way…in a turkey fryer over propane. (This is where you hear the sound of propane costs making chaching sounds.)  This year the family made a makeshift little wood stove oven dealio and had some different pans to do the boiling with.

We went over to the inlaw’s over the weekend to do some boiling…

Hubby adding our sap to the boil

It’s quite an….interesting….little set up. I’m sure anyone watching would think that we are strange. 


But….strange or not the homemade syrup is definitely worth it!


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