It’s off to the races

I’ve mentioned before that my CamMan is part of a school club. It’s kind of like Boy Scouts but more basic. Some of you may remember the tree climbing we did in fall or our more recent trip to go Dog Sledding or Snowshoe Geocaching. Well… Over the weekend we had another club event. Races!

The lower grade classes do boat races and the other grade classes do car races. Except, not only do you race the boats/cars… You design and make your own from the wood they give you. Well…for boats you also make you own sail.

CamMan had an idea of what he wanted, but neither Hubby or I have ever made one before. I had done the wooden cars in my youth because we did the same races waaaay back when I was in school.

So this year we started it with a basic style in mind. Keep it simple! 

First, we figured out what shape we wanted the boat to be. Then, we made an afternoon trip to Grandma & Grandpa Popcorn’s to do the wood cutting since we don’t have the necessary tools to do it at our house.

Grandma helped CamMan trace the shape on the block of wood and let him help her cut out his boat!

CamMan was beside himself with the excitement of being able to use grow up tools! While I knew he was perfectly safe in Grandma’s capable hands….other than taking a few photos this anxiety ridden mama couldn’t watch!

He was so focused on what she said and what he was doing and making sure that he followed her instructions and rules. I was so proud of him!

After the boat was cut out, the decorating process began! It just so happened that I had a can of spray paint from some other DIY project I attempted in the exact color he wanted to use. PERFECT!

So we spent a morning spray painting coats of paint and waiting for it to dry!

He did this part by himself minus some verbal instructions. Like the all important “make sure before you push the button to spray that it is facing the boat and not your face because that will stink your eyes and hurt!”

Once dry…CamMan and Hubby worked on the sail. With a little bit of daddy’s assistance, he drilled a hole in the boat for the sail’s mast.

Once the mast was done, Daddy helped him size out and cut out the sail for the boat. CamMan picked a neon green paper. He decorated it with some minecraft stickers he got for Christmas! 

After that….it was smooth sailing! 

Race day came and he was sooo excited and nervous! I kept reminding him that some kids will win and some won’t. That if he doesn’t win, there’s no need try cry! Just to remember that it’s a new experience and a chance to have some fun! While winning is nice, it’s not the part that matters. What matters is trying your hardest and being a good sport! That if he wins, don’t brag. Instead…a good job or compliment to the other person would be good! We can be happy about the win without bragging and making others feel bad.

So…we set off on a mission  to do some seriously fun boat racing!

They put the boats into the gutters of water and blew into the sails to make the boats go. Some kids used straws to blow into the sails to make them go and others didn’t use straws.

The races are rated by times. There are 3 heats and they average out your race times to see who has the fastest time. 


He won his first race by a hair, lost the second one by between 5-10 seconds and won the third by 15ish seconds. I was very proud by how he handled himself. He was very polite and gave friends compliments and “good jobs”. Moments like that make me happy as a parent. 

He may not have gotten a trophy for speed or for show, but he worked hard, did his best, and was a GREAT sport! 

It was such a nice and fun filled experience! CamMan can’t wait till next year!!!


5 thoughts on “It’s off to the races

  1. Clare says:

    That is awesome, and you guys have so much more patience than I have these days. We had the task of Easter bonnets for homework this weekend. Me and the husband tried to support/help, the whole thing pretty much turned into a bloodbath. *sigh*

    Liked by 1 person

    • OneBusyMama says:

      I think we only maintained patience because we kept it very simple! 🙂 some people went above and beyond. Not me. I keep a low (cough….lazy….cough) profile.

      Liked by 1 person

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