Can I get workers comp for coverup?

Maybe some of you have read previous posts about me and my teaching style. I’m a “tough love” kind of teacher. I like to push kids to try to do things themselves. To not use the words “I can’t do it”. To push themselves till they try harder and want to succeed. 

I am the teacher that other teachers have sent their kids who are acting up or misbehaving to. I am the teacher than can usually get kids to behave. My boss jokes that they love me and are afraid of me at the same time. I don’t know if it’s my voice or the fact that I am too stubborn to let them get the best of me. Who knows.

I like a challenge.

Maybe stubborn kids are to me what unbroken horses are to horse trainers. 😊

So, when a coworker was having issues with our biggest repeat offender…I told her to leave him and his partner in crime with me for a bit. She needed a break and maybe just maybe not being allowed to play with their friends and have to reflect on their actions would help.


Not this time.

This time the main offender decided to give me something a little extra. A jab to the face. He’s 3 so….obviously it didn’t hurt that bad but…still. Needless to say, he went inside immediately and directly to the director who just happened to be walking in at the same time.

She almost didn’t believe me…until I showed her my face. He definitely left a mark. Not a big one, but still.


A few hours after it happened

How many people can say they got socked by a 3 year old? 


The next day

While the whole situation is weird given the fact that a child should never punch a teacher…I will say that had quite a punch for a little guy.

A few days later..its still here

I’m curious….if this is his reaction to a timeout at the picnic table at the age of 3….what is he going to do when he gets older and gets grounded?

Boy are his parents in for some fun times…… 

I wonder if i can convince work to give me workers com onto buy some good coverup. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit I got a partial shiner from a 3 yr old. 😉


6 thoughts on “Can I get workers comp for coverup?

  1. Haylee says:

    Oh boy, he was so close to your eye! 😳 It amazes me the strength of some of these kids. We’ve had a few punchers but in general, the aggressive ones like to give slaps. There was this one girl who would scream like a banshee then launch herself at your face, claws out. Like feral animals and still in nappies!

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