Pre-blogging blogging

So…lately I have been doing the unthinkable. I have been typing  up my blogs and future publishing them. I feel so guilty about it. 

These last two weeks, I have clocked 118.4 hours at work. (Haven’t had a not over time week in like 6-7 weeks) So, I decided it would be a good idea to to that pre-blogging for the week on the weekends and set them up to publish on certain days. Sadly, I suck at it. I set them up wrong or think I set them up when I don’t really. So, if my blog seems a little awkward these last few weeks and probably next week as well….I’m sorry. 

I should also state that…due to insane hours and pure mental as well as physical exhaustion….I haven’t been blog reading during the week. So, I’m not posting and ignoring you. I’m kind of ignoring WordPress during the week. Although….I have been responding to some comments here and there. 

So, please bear with me and my insanity! I’m hoping things return to a somewhat normal state soon! 


2 thoughts on “Pre-blogging blogging

  1. Tricia M. says:

    I pre-blog a lot! It helps relieve some of my stress. 😊 My thankful posts are posted the day I take the photo and write the post, but my others are scheduled posts. Sometimes that’s the best way to go for someone…and that’s ok! Hang in there in the midst of all the craziness right now!

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    • OneBusyMama says:

      Never ending crazy….lol. I like to write in the moment. So the whole pre-blogging is killing me. But….since insane OT continues this week and next week….so will the pre blogging!

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