A little rim rocking

The other weekend we had a fun basketball filled weekend.

Mind you…I don’t like basketball, but it was still fun! 

The gradeschool had a faculty verses our 8th graders game which was quite humorous. Complete with a half time performance by the Milwaukee Bucks’ RimRockers. They bring out trampolines and mats and use them to do flips and spins into dunks. It is very awesome!

Here’s a video of them

Rocking the rim at halftime of a Mikwaukee Bucks game:


CamMan loved the game and the rimrockers! He cheered on his 8th grade reading buddy and hoped the teachers would lose! 

When Hubby won tickets to a Milwaukee Bucks game for the following evening….he was even more thrilled! I have been to a Bucks game and my lack of love for basketball makes it rather boring. All three of my boys, Hubby included, have never been to one. So, I kept my dislike of basketball to myself and we made plans to go!

The game started with three boys in complete awe! The music, the lights, and the cheering  were enough to reel them in.

Although, shortly after we lost a BeanBoy….

Luckily for us, I predicted this and brought along his tablet so he could be entertained with games and movies!

CamMan and Hubby had a blast the whole game! They talked about basketball rules and strategies. 


They cheered for each and every point.

They loved every moment of the game! Especially seeing the rimrockers for the second day in a row with their half time performance complete with Bango Buck!

So, while I don’t enjoy basketball…I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Watching it through the eyes of my excited 7yr old and big kid of a Hubby was fun! 

It was a new experience for us…a great adventure of sorts…and earned us a BEST.DAY.EVER from CamMan! 

Mission accomplished!
*All photos in this post are my own so please be kind and ask before using or sharing. Thank you!*


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