Do you want to build a snowman?

It’s been quite the odd winter here in Wisconsin.

There hasn’t been as much snow as normal or as many cold days. We haven’t used a single snowday! As a teacher, that’s depressing.

On top of it, the snow that we have gotten has not been good packing snow. No good packing snow means no snowmen. 😕

So…when we got some snow Friday night into Saturday morning and woke up to find out it was PACKING SNOW….To-do list be darned….we were going to build a snowman!

Hubby was off at the sports show so, we started off with a lazy mommy and boys morning….

Mornings like the one that we had are the best! Maybe they just know that it’s a special day, but they were on their best behavior!

After a morning of fun and a little downtime…it was soon snowman time! I’m not a cold and snow person, but even I got in there and helped…

We spent hours in the snow! 

While working on the big snowman, Hubby came home! He was able to help us work on and finish the big one!

While CamMan, Hubby, and I worked on a kid sizes snowman…BeanBoy made his own baby snowman. 

It’s hard to believe that it is March and this is the first snowman of the year that we have built! With warmer weather coming this way…it will probably also be the last!

Good thing they are sooo good looking!

*All photos in the post are my own. Please ask before sharing or using. Thanks.*


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