Wisconsin is Famous..kinda

Wisconsin is known for many things. Our love of cheese, beer, and our sports teams!

Go Milwaukee Brewers!

Go Green Bay Packers!!

According to a national show…we are also famous for puffy vests and weird accents.

 I have no idea what caused Saturday Night Live to make fun of our state, but they made and aired the skit. Maybe the writer was from Wisconsin. Maybe it has to do with the Netflix series “Making a Murderer” which has to do with a wisconsin killer. It became a pretty big deal. Petitions were signed on behalf of the killer because….of course….if there’s a Netflix show about this guy’s innocence it has to be true. There’s even a podcast called “Rebutting a murdered” about what is wrong with the Netflix show and what big pieces of evidence they leave out. It’s caused drama and because of that…I choose to avoid both. 

No matter what the reason….SNL decided to do a skit about an area of Wisconsin that I am quite familiar with….

I found the skit more annoying than funny. Their take on Wisconsin fashion in the form f turtlenecks and puffy vests is hilarious. I own ONE turtleneck for ourdoor winter activities and don’t own a single puffy vest. They would have been more accurate with camo and blaze orange and hunting rifles. Or even Green Bay Packer attire! 

Then there’s the accent. 

Do us Wisconsinites have an accent? Apparently so. I have been told by many people that our area has a very unique accent and people have been able to guess writhing a 3 state Midwestern radius which state I am from. But…. The accent in the skit is ridiculous! It’s more of a very norther WI more like UP (upper peninsula) area of Wisconsin if not more like Canadian accent. Definitely not a mere fond du lac area accent.

The great thing about people from Wisconsin….instead of getting offended by the skit….we laugh it off.  People I know with turtlenecks and puffy vests have been rocking them because of the video. 

After all…there’s nothing wrong with Wisconsin. 

They are probably just jealous of us and our beer! We DO know our beer here in Wisconsin!

***Video pulled from YouTube from the SNL YouTube page and image from the SNL website***


One thought on “Wisconsin is Famous..kinda

  1. Clare says:

    Oh boy, I managed about 20 seconds of that clip. I’m all for a bit of teasing but what the heck…
    England being much smaller we still have regional cliches and teasing but it’s mostly the north/south divide. I’m south and proud! đŸ˜‰
    As for making a murderer – that’s 10 hours of my life I won’t get back and tbh I’m not entirely convinced either way. I come from a small town that is famous for prolific child murder, it’s not something that ever really goes away.

    Liked by 1 person

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