Monday’s Memes

Ohhh boy!

It is that wonderful little day again. It’s a Monday!

I have the old little song “It’s just another manic Monday” going through my head. 


Here goes the week. 

Another week where I start the week scheduled into over time. I will have a minimum of 2 hours of overtime with my existing schedule.  Oh, and I have already been asked to stay late on Friday too. 

Hello overtime!

Oh wait….I’ve been in OT for the last 6ish weeks! 

Love my job….

Adore my class….

But does anyone want to come and kidnap me so I can have a real day off? Kidding, of course.  The day I am able to have a day off….

IT WILL BE EPIC!!’s more likely that I will sit in bed eating popcorn and chocolate and drinking wine and sleeping than anything truly epic. But…it will be awesome to me!

Happy Mondah y’all. May your week be awesome!

***All memes courtesy of the wonderful ole google***


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