I have something you don’t 

We are having a PJ day at daycare and the kiddos were all talking about what pjs they are going to wear. Someone is wearing paw patrol, someone else frozen, and etc etc. They asked me what PJs I am going to wear and I made a comment about how I only have maybe one pair of pj pants and that I need to find them.

One of the boys turned to me and said, “Wait….you sleep NAKED?!?!” 

Ummmm….no.  I explained that I wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

Then one of the kids said, “My Dad sleeps in his undies!!” Which proceeded to erupt into a conversation about how their dads sleep attire wise. I now know that over half of my class’s dads sleep in their undies and what kind of pjs the rest have. 

Did not need to know! 

Then, to make things even better, one of my kiddos comes up to me and says, “Teacher! I have something you don’t have!” 

Me: “Oh yeah, what?”

Him: “…A Penis!!!”

Oh dear! I was expecting boogers or an i have to fart joke, but not that! I’m soooo not ready to have THAT talk with kiddos that are not mine. 

What can I say…my day is never dull and i definitely don’t have a penis! 😉 Hope you enjoyed a laugh! 


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