Dino-Tastic Day!

Oh the never ending dilemma of “what should we do this weekend”…

The kids don’t want to just stay at home (even though with some home remodeling plans this summer a weekend at home wouldn’t be a bad thing), but we aren’t wanting to just keep doing the same ole thing!

To spice things up a bit…we headed out to Milwaukee for a fun filled day at the Museum! The kids have never been there before and they have the Dino exhibit right now so….more reason to go! 

The kids new nothing. It was a surprise!! We had quite the ride down there!!!!! It was full of dance parties and Daddy’s corny jokes! 


Once there…they were pumped! Their excitement was infectious and wonderful! Just them geeking out on the way in was worth the visit!

Hubby wanted to get there at open. While I thought he was crazy….I’m glad we did! We waited in line to get in for 5ish minutes. Barely anything. I will say…lucky we had a corporate coupon because….admission is higher than I thought. $24 for adult  admission with the Dino exhibit. $17 without the exhibit. I haven’t been there since I was pregnant with CamMan so….prices may have gone up a little. But…it did include a planetarium video.

After purchasing our tickets, we had some time to burn before our planetarium movie time. So we went to the recently remodeled Old Streets of Milwaukee exhibit.

The enterance to the exhibit!

You enter the exhibit by walking into and trough what looks like an old trolley car. Inside are “Windows” or screens that make it look like the trolley is driving down the road and what you would see from your window. It also does this little rumbling thing beneath your feet so it feels like you are actually movie as well,

It’s almost kind of trippy!

When you get off the other side of the trolley, you are officially transported to the Old Streets of Milwaukee. There’s models of old buildings complete with charachters in them.


 The bakery has a baker. The bar has a bartender. 

And above the bar there is even a lady of the evening that…according to an older gentleman who was more than happy to share some facts…was named Miss Kitty!


Her shadow would walk back and forth across the window. A lady of the evening at the museum…scandalous!  

Once through the Old Milwaukee area, there’s also a European Old World area that shows homes as they would have been years ago from multiple countries. 

Makes me want to go back to Europe! 


The kiddos even had a blast in the old worlds!!!! 

BeanBoy made a new friend…


And CamMan found his calling pumping water….


And while I Loved all of this exhibit…I have a little something nagging on the brain. I saw a beautiful picture painted on a building wall with words written on it. 
While I took 3 years of German in highschool and tested into AP German in college….that was 14 years ago and I haven’t spoken in nothing but German in 16 years! So…I am a little rusty! 

I could be wrong, but I believe the last line says something like ” So long  as the mountains stand on the ground”. 

Does anyone know German enough to help me translate it so I don’t go bat crazy trying to figure it out?

 We then went to the planetarium movie which was about asteroids killing the Dinos. It goes completely against what I believe and was soooo dumb. 

While walking to and from the planetarium we walked past the line to buy tickets. It was 10 times longer than it was when we came in and they only had one more window open! Glad we got there early!!!

The movie, however boring, got the kids in Dino mode so….off to the Dino exhibit we went! 


There were fossils all over! Around the fossils were little tablet-like computer screens that helped pronounce the names and had some interactive learning stuff. There were little models of Dinos in areas for the kids to play with!

Did I mention Dino fossils?


We explored and learned and did more of the interactive stuff! We also had some silly fun….


Needless to say…. The kids had a BLAST! It wasn’t as younger kid friendly as if have hoped but it was still great! We were a little bummed about the fact that there was no T-Rex, but there was its big cousin the Gigawhatosaurus! (Get the what….ha ha)


Look at that beast!! Better yet…look at these chompers…


I will say that while I was floored and loved the exhibit…I was also surprised by how much smaller the skeletons were than what I thought they were. I thought I read that they were true to size…but if this last guy was supposed to be the bigger cousin to the T-Rex…the Jurassic Park movies got their size ratios off a bit!

They were not as huge as I thought they would be.

CamMan was pretty surprised though…

We all loved the exhibit either way! It really was a good time!


After the dino exhibit..wehad lunch   then explored some more of the museum….

The butterfly exhibit was fun! While BeanBoy was practically BEGGING the butterflies to land on him, CamMan (the one kind of freaked by this exhibit and the bugs) had no problem getting their attention.


They must have know he is just sooo sweet! 😉 (and that BeanBoy was being a bit of a sourpuss that day)

The room was full of butterflies flying everywhere. Landing on feeding places or people walking through the exhibit.


 So many with so many different colors and sizes and shapes. So beautiful!

We also went to all the world exhibits where they show Japanese things, Indian, and more!  


pretending to be cold eskimos

We had fun and the displays were quite beautiful! Some were very impressive!


We had a great fun filled day! We saw so much and maybe even learned something new! So…I leave you with this…

The dudes with their favorite charachter from Night at The Museum. As soon as they saw him they immediately yelled…

“you dumb dumb and you give me gum gum”


Followed by…

“QQWUUUIIIIEEETTTT!!! My dumb dumb wants to speak!”



3 thoughts on “Dino-Tastic Day!

  1. Haylee says:

    Love dinosaurs! I’m hoping to go the National History Museum in London for my birthday – not been since I was about 14! Our school is part of a scheme that does a real life ‘Night at the Museum’ sleepover there but so far I’ve been teaching in the wrong year groups and haven’t been able to go. Glad you had a fun day!


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