Mud and puddles EVERYWHERE


In my case, the meme is definitely right! To make matters even better…mid to end last week we had weather in the 50s!!!!  

Talk about a glimpse of Heaven! 

While the warmer weather warms this mamas heart…the teacher in me cringes a little. As the snow melts it becomes water. Then we get big puddles all over the playground and big muddy areas.

While my class does a pretty good job staying out of the mud when asked, it can still be a challenge sometimes. Especially with other younger classes.

And while the kids wear their snowboots and snow pants…the wetness everywhere soaks through the snow pants quickly and easily and in no time the clothing underneath is wet as well.


If they were my kids with tons of spare clothing at home…I’d say lets go puddle jumping! But they aren’t mine and I’d hate to send home bags of wet muddy clothing!

And boy so we have some mud too!

Looks like spring is peeking out to say hi! 


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