My FAVORITE holiday!

Thank you to the wonderful world of Facebook and meme sharing on the good oleFacebook for notifying me of this spectacular holiday! 

I may have a new fave holiday!

Today was rocky at best! 

After now 3 weeks of not having a half day and working between 5-10 hours of overtime each week…all our teachers have passed the flu and are healthy again! I have yet to get sick and am soo thrilled! Then today I found out…our 18yr old new mom teacher decided to turn in her two weeks notice. 

Ummm…..normality… least for 2 more weeks. 

This is where me and my fellow coworkers groan inwardly at the thought of more weeks of insane OT. 

So….National drink wine day couldn’t come at a better time!

So I came home and poured myself a glass! 


  The glass may be as big as my head…
…and it may hold a whole bottle of wine!

Needless to say….I did national drink wine day proud, not having wine for 2+ weeks helped me show that wine who is boss! 😉

  So….Cheers to my new favorite national holiday! I look forward to next year and all the joy you may bring….especially on crappy days like today!

   **memes courtesy of Facebook and my wine obsessed friends. The rest of the photos are my own! :)**


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