A man who doesn’t like to plan

So, Hubby and my anniversary is coming up. No milestone years or anything. Just 8 years of marriage. (I think we’ve been together for 11 total)  But, we have been talking about wanting to go away just the two of us.

Hubby keeps talking Vegas. But….

1) we’ve been there twice now 

2) we wouldn’t want to go till sept

3) plane tickets roundtrip are like $300-$400 per person. YOWZA!
So….since that doesn’t seem to be a current option….I decided on research. 

Over our anniversary weekend we could get roundtrip tickets to fly to Denver,Co for BOTH of us for less than $300.

*insert hubby’s “why do you want to go to Denver” grumble here*

Did you hear me???? Roundtrip tickets for TWO for less than the cost of one for Vegas. In fact….the whole trip would cost less than just the flights alone to Vegas.

Fine…fine…fine. Cross Denver off the list. I’ve never been there before and there are woods and trees and great views and hiking….but cross it off. *subtle eyeroll here*

Back to the drawing board.

Did I ever mention I have a researching and planning obsession? Cuz….I do.

Hey Hubby! Since you weren’t a fan of the Denver idea….I found a “cooler” city! One I think you would love! Hello Dallas! It’s not as cheap as flying to Denver would be but…..two roundtrip tickets to Dallas for the weekend we would be looking at would be just over $300!!! So….still less than most roundtrip flights to Vegas for just one of us!!!! The whole trip again would cost less that just our flights to Vegas and we’ve never been there!!!!! 

*Insert hubby grumble about Dallas freaking Texas and wouldn’t I just rather save the money and go to Vegas?*

Yes…dearest…I want to go to Vegas. But…considering we have been married 8 years and have taken maybe 10-12 weekend vacations away from the kids only ONE of which was just us…completely alone…without family or another couple and we never  had a honeymoon…I thought it would be fun to go somewhere new and see something new and try something new especially with cheap airline tickets! AND…with how the price of flying anywhere BUT Vegas seems to be dropping in price…and seeing as how you are all frugal and stuff…I thought you’d appreciate my efforts and jump at such an opportunity.

*insert not so subtle eyeroll by yours truly here*

Now our fun trip idea has turned into a “let’s drive somewhere for the weekend and stop at little food places on the way and just stop when we want and hang out”  random Roadtrip. While I totally think a random Roadtrip could be loads of fun….it’s for our anniversary and is kind of like to do something a little bit nicer. 

So….after much much much more continued deliberation and research….I may have come up with an idea he might really like and I will be OK with.

He is obsessed with the darn pure Michigan commercials on the TV and radio. It helps that he loves Tim Allen and he does the voiceover for them. Haven’t heard them? Here ya go….

He really does do a superb job. 

So….since Wisconsin and Michigan are neighbors….it could make a lovely and slightly more “planned out” Roadtrip! There’s a lakeshore wine “trail” we could do! There’s brewery tours and pub crawls in Grand Rapids. There’s a place that is known for insane tulips that time of year. There’s light houses and sand dunes and hiking trails galore. 

It may not be exactly what I was hoping for, but i think it would be nice. Someone want to help me give Hubby a swift kick in the rump so he stops acting like a pouting 3yr old? Any suggestions/tips you use for getting your Hubby to listen and sometimes maybe even just hush up and agree for once? Lol!

I want to do a big trip to Europe for our 10th or 15th anniversary. With how he is for vacations now…I’m probably just going to start saving up on my own without him knowing and when it’s time…tell him to shut up and ask off and I won’t even tell him what we are doing….ha ha!



One thought on “A man who doesn’t like to plan

  1. Haylee says:

    Sounds like my other half! He’s very happy to go back to the same places because he knows them and doesn’t have to think about where to eat, what to do etc. Whereas I’m constantly moaning about how big the world is and how much there is to see! Totally agree that saving up now and just booking something as a ‘surprise’ might be the way to go. I’m still threatening to do this for Iceland!!


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