Born in the wrong time…

I have decided I was born in the wrong time.

I am a huge sucker for old fashioned movies. Especially old fashioned romance movies!

One of my favorite movies of all time…..

Insert utter shock and awe here!

But seriously…is there anything not to love about this movie? The musical scores are wonderful and perfect! The scenery is just amazing! Kiera Knightley is completely fantastic and awe inspiring! 

I find myself 100% fascinated by her. She’s me. Or…how i would be in another time. I’m a wild tomboy. I’d rather read than get dolled up and boy hunt. I’m opinionated and like to talk. I am not afraid to speak my mind. Plus, we are both so darn stubborn. 

I am 100% in love with the beauty of the language of that time! There is beauty in the ways that women were respected and respected themselves verses now a days. The time and effort that men put into courting a woman is awe inspiring. 

Don’t even get me started on Mr Darcy. He is one handsome man and while he was slow to start….he certainly was taking my breath away by the end of the movie. 

Pretty sure I could watch the scene starting where he’s walking towards her to where they hold hands and almost kiss over and over and over and never be bored or have it lose is break taking romance. 
Lately….I’ve found another old fashioned viewing addiction. It’s a TV show that is based off of some books I read growing up. 


It’s obviously called When Calls the Heart! It is based on the book series When Calls the Heart by Janette Oke.

I read the whole series growing up! 

Seeing charachters I used to imagine as I turned page after page in these books on screen is just amazing. I love it!

I am just I love with the actors for the charachters and more!

What a time it was! 

There’s so much about this time in life that I love and makes me feel like I was born in the wrong time. I love that women fought to be seen and heard and strong. They knew what they wanted and worked for it to show they deserved it. Men…real men or gentlemen…always treated women with respect. The polite behavior. The manners. The over all will to do good and help others is wonderful. Yes, I realize there were bad eggs even then, but…it pales in comparison to these days.

Again, it’s the way women took pride in themselves and their accomplishments and appearances. There’s a scene where someone gets hurt and she is feel awkward about showing the man her knees because it’s improper. Now…women almost bare it all and think nothing of it. 

And again, it’s back to a completely different world of romance and courtships. It was a world where holding hands was enough to make you catch your breath. Being held while dancing could make you feel light headed.

A world where you didn’t rush into anything.

Hubby teases me saying I’m totally into “Jack” and while he is a handsome devil….it’s not him that gets me swooning in front of the TV. It’s the way he looks at her. The look in his eyes that even before he says he loves her shows it plain as day!

It’s the simple gestures that these days means nothing, but back then was a very vital part of letting someone know how you felt.

It’s the way they take the time to make sure their feelings are true. The way the words “I love you” weren’t tossed around, but were said only when you were 100% sure of your feelings and usually….when you wee planning on proposing marriage.

It’s everything about this time that gets me. 

Sure, the tomboy in me isn’t a fan of the idea of always wearing a dress and doing my hair real nice, but when you come from a time like this and know no other way…it can’t be that bad…right?

I feel like the world then…even with all the trials and hardships…could potentially be much better than they are these days. The world is very different. While there are things I’d miss…i think I could handle living in a time like that. I love my husband and family….and wouldn’t wish to be in that time away from them, but can’t we all transport there? 

So, if you love old fashioned romances…like me…check out the show! The first two seasons are on Netflix and season 3 starts next weekend on the Hallmark channel! There’s even a little in between season preview dealio. (For me it’s on demand through cable.) 

You now know what I will be doing every Sunday night! Swooning over days past and romance eyes! šŸ˜‰

Bring on Season 3!!!!
***Images in this post are NOT my own. They have been borrowed from the following sites…. & for the pride and prejudice images. For the When calls the Heart images….! Book images are from***


2 thoughts on “Born in the wrong time…

    • OneBusyMama says:

      Sadly, book work though I may be, I have also yet to read the book. Seen the movie. Watched the dickens out of the movie, but still haven’t read the book. Maybe secretly deep down in worried about it not living up to the movie….ha ha

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