Love Weekend Shennanigans!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Personally, I don’t celebrate this day. I know that out of all the “Love holidays” people in the US celebrate, Valentine’s Day actually has some historical background and wasn’t just created by the card companies. Some believe it was based off is pagan festival and others believe it comes from the story of St Valentine! Either way… It has its own place in History! I love that about it, but since its Historical debut….it has become majorly commercialized. So, I don’t really celebrate it. 
Hubby, on the other hand, did some me pampering this year. I don’t know if it’s because of the holiday or because or the bad news I got late Friday night and wanting to make me feel better.

Saturday, he got up with the boys and kept them busy and away from our room. I got to sleep in till almost 10 am!!!! This NEVER happens. Any parent knows that “sleeping in” is being able to sleep till 7:30-8am. Since I’m usually to work between 7 & 7:15….even that is awesome. But….while we struggle to get the kids up and ready and out the door and to daycare is a serious battle (complete with bribery and maybe some yelling)….they wake up at their normal wake up time (or earlier) without any problem in the weekends when we want them…and maybe ourselves 😉 to sleep in!

Once awake, I was still in a crap state. Hubby told me to just chill and watch some tv and have some “me time” so I did. I turned on the good ole Netflix and got lost in a romance show about the olden days.

During this “me time”, Hubbybran to the store to get a few things and came back. Apparently my Valentine’s Day came early.

The kids came into the room with roses in their mouths carrying breakfast for me…


I had told hubby I was going to grab myself a bowl of cereal…he just had it hand delivered by two handsome boys. (Wish I had pictures.) 

Apparently the boys didn’t think the cereal was enough and made me a Mickey Mouse with a cinnamon roll and 2 donuts. No…I didn’t eat it all! 

Hubby even brought me a mug of coffee….


He knows the way to this gal’s heart! Coffee and alone time instead of flowers and chocolates. 

Well….I got those too. Ha ha.

So….I sat and enjoyed my breakfast in bed and my quiet time and my old fashioned show! Next thing you know it’s almost noon. I decided to pry my butt out of bed and kick my mopey/crabby mood to the curb. We had a very relaxing and lazy day around the house complete with some takeout food, a movie, and a game night with the kiddos!

A great little Saturday! I loved every moment of it!

Valentine’s Day started off almost as wonderfully! We had another sleep in day! Well…I did. If insomnia is what is making hubby give me all these sleep in days….maybe it should stick around. 


The kiddos got to enjoy a bath! They usually take showers instead of baths because they are faster. They even got a bubble bath! Plus, Daddy gave them some important man lessons on shaving….

Then out fresh and clean selves headed out for some family fun.

The thing I love about small towns is random little fun events and festivals. Of course, our events are nowhere near as quirky and fun as those they throw in Gilmore Girl’s little town of Stars Hollow, but they sure are fun!

I found it funny that a little family event was thrown on Valentine’s Day, but wasn’t going to complain!

All sorts of local vendors and businesses come out and have booths. These booths have games for the kids and prizes and flyers and more!  We started with a little scavenger hunt at all the booths. If the kids completed it, the got a free book! They love it!

Who knew walking to different tables collecting flyers, pencils, toothpaste, little dollar store toys, and such would make kids so happy! There was also a kids play area, face painting, hair chalking, nail painting, animals, food, and more.

The boys loved a local club’s booth that allowed them to shoot a BB gun….

CamMan shooting the BB gun



CamMan did a great job! He had quite a few hits in the target! Gotta get him ready for hunting!


BeanBoy taking his turn shooting

BeanBoy even got a few good hits on the target! He needed some help cocking the gun, but over all did well! 

They loved the chance to feel like big strong hunting men like Daddy. Even BeanBoy said if he can hit the target he can get himself a big buck someday!

Other than the BB gun shooting, they really loved rock climbing. Some nearby busines brought out a rock wall. Both my kiddos and one of my nieces really enjoyed climbing! After getting their harnesses and helmet on…up they went….

CamMan was the first to climb, but with My niece Boops right behind and alongside him.


CamMan getting started


CamMan on right and niece Boops on the left



CamMan coming down

BeanBoy started after the others were done! He did great for his first time!


Look at him work those rocks!

He didn’t get as high as CamMan and he wasn’t up for as long, but he really did a great job!

After climbing, we kind of just bummed around a bit! The kids did some bounce house playing and took a few minutes to check out the animals…


Yes…BeanBoy is holding a chicken!


And we ended the little event day with some icecream and bingo! 

After our fun little festival deal…we went to the store for some fun Valentine’s dinner items and some things we needed for this weekend before heading home! 

It really was a lowkey and very fun day! The kids really enjoyed all their adventures! Too bad the big fun stuff we adults couldn’t do! I want to do rock climbing!

Someday…. 😉😀

Hope you all had a wonderful and fun Valentine’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Love Weekend Shennanigans!

    • OneBusyMama says:

      I don’t acknowledge it. Maybe it used to mean something but now it’s just a commercialized buy these flowers and things so your honey knows you care. I’d rather have a handmade card or fun little outing. Send me flowers on a random day that isn’t advertised and pushed. Ha ha! For being a romantic….I’m also against commercialized holidays!

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