It’s Mic’s Pics…self portrait style

I found a great new online photo challenge list online when the Daily Post was down last week. I decided to give some of these challenges a try as well!

The first challenge is….Self Portrait.

What is a self portrait?

To me, it’s a fancy word for selfie. Except….maybe not taken with a selfie stick and probably with more thought and effort put into it other than a “I gotta make sure I do it at the right angle so I don’t look fat.” I think they are supposed to show more of who you are than your average every day selfie.

Challenge 1….I got this. I mastered selfies wwwaaayyyyyy before they became cool. 

Here’s a few photos I’ve taken of myself that I feel are a true representation of myself and who I am.  Some are straight up selfies. Some are more composed. ALL ARE 100% ME!!!!   


Because I’m ALWAYS a mom FIRST


Because I live for the next adventure


I’m a hopeless romantic


Because Photography is my Passion



 Enjoy! I may add more if I find more that I feel like sharing, but with my time and energy tonight….this is what you get! 

Happy Friday!


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