People have babies & Get sick… OT HERE I COME!

Uhhhh ohhhh…..I guess it was my turn to go MIA for a bit.

Sorry about that.

But…. To be honest… It may happen again.

We have one teacher finishing up her maternity leave. Then we had one go into labor early while another was on vacation.  So…. We were short-staffed.  YAY for approved OT. Since I have half days two days a week,  it was easy for me to pick up some of the shift gaps. 

So….Last week I was scheduled 5  9 1/2 hours each. I was there 10-15 mins early each day never left more than 15 minutes past my end time. That may not seem like a big deal to some, but to me it is.  Probably because I’m not a sit on my butt and just watch the kids Daycare teacher. I’m a ..get up and have a dance party,  chase me around the play yard,  play soccer with the kids,  & get soaked from a diet coke and mentos experiment… kind of teacher. In other words… I’m very active.

I’m also pooped out.

Last week were told that my cousin that has stage4 terminal cancer had a few days to a week to live.  While my cousin is strong and not only holding on, but made peace with dying and going to heaven….I have not slept a solid night since.  Insomnia had been rearing is ugly head.

Extra long work week…. stress…. insomnia = one tired mama who is to pooped to blog. Sorry all.

This week,  I am not working quite as many OT hours…. But I did stay all day Monday for a teacher who was out with a sick kiddo and be at work a few hours longer Friday too for a shift that isn’t covered.  Full 5 day all day week next week as well. Hence the whole “it may happen again” comment. 

So,  while I am trying to get some blogs typed up…. pardon me if it doesn’t happen till the end of next week. 

In the meantime,  this mama of to bed. 

Sorry all! I am beat.

Anyone able to come start a caffeine IV in me for tomorrow morning?

Meme courtesy of a Facebook friend of mine and video courtesy of some bloke on YouTube! Isn’t Thor just soooo yummy!?!?!? 


6 thoughts on “People have babies & Get sick… OT HERE I COME!

    • OneBusyMama says:

      Is not 4:30am here… YET. But 11:30pm with minimal sleep (at best) almost feels that late to me. Who needs adult beverages. I’m getting my buzz the natural way… With a lack sleep and coffee beans in beverage form!! Ha ha! πŸ˜€ Doesn’t a coffee if sound lovely? I need 50ccs of white chocolate mocha with an extra shot of espresso…. STAT!

      Uh oh…my crazy is showing….

      Liked by 1 person

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