Mommy,can I sleep with you?

“Mommy, I had a bad dream…Can I sleep with you?”

While these words may bring about the “awwweee” sensation for some parents….for me it’s more of an inward groan.

It’s not that I don’t feel bad for my kids when they have a nightmare. It’s not that I don’t want them to not be scared and feel better and safe. It’s definitely not that I don’t like snuggles with my kids. 

It’s more of a sanity thing. My bed is my sanctuary. When born, the kids had their room…well…and a few small spaces around the house. As they have grown older their weapons toys have multiplied and what started as a one room deal has become a hostile takeover. 

They have slowly and cleverly infiltrated the house room my room and they now possess most of the house. Certainly more than Hubby and I do. 

So….my room and my bed are the only places that are really mine

It doesn’t help that CamMan is a notorious bed hog. Not just the I’m going to make you sleep on the edge of your bed and hog the blankets kind. No…that’s far to boring. He’s more of the “rotate between random moments of lay spread eagle on your bed and flip flop all over the place so mom can’t have a moment to get comfortable and if she is throw my arm over her face and grind my teeth in her ear while sleeptalking and scratching her with my takin toes” kind of a bed hog. 

Last time he curled up in my bed for whatever reason….I didn’t sleep at all that night. 




And with all my crazy work hours and lack of sleep with insomnia…I am exhausted. While the idea of some snuggles sounds nice, the idea of possible sleep sounds much better tonight. Why can I say….I’m desperate.

(Plus… If he falls asleep in my bed…I’m not strong enough to lift him back onto his top bunk.)

So, I pull him into my lap and remind him that it was just a dream and that dreams aren’t real.  I explained that there are 3 tricks to making the bad dreams go away is to calm down.

1) Take slow deep breaths in and out until you feel better.

2) Remember…God is always with you so there’s no need to be afraid…and if you are afraid, pray.

3) Think of something that makes you so happy! Something nice to think of…and do just that and close your eyes. 

I told him that if he does these 3 steps his mind is so full that there is no room for the bad dreams to get in.  But, if none of this works…we are always here for him.

He crawled back into bed and I watched as he started following the steps in his head. Within minutes he was out again…sleeping peacefully.

Within minutes I was back curled up under the warm sanctuary like covers of my bed. 

Sleep be swift….


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