It’s February in Wisconsin. 

We have yet to have a snowday. 

It’s been a tame winter. A warmer winter with minimal snow. Here in Wisconsin…we are tough. Maybe you saw my previous post about Wisconson vs Other States and Handling Snow. If not…it may make you laugh. We are big kids that can handle snow. Snow is not a new concept here.

Don’t let that fool you…we do LOVE ❤️ snow days! 

Seriously….who wouldn’t?

Kids live for snow days! Random wonderful surprise days off of school! As a kid I loved snowdays!

Teachers love snowdays! A random wonderful surprise day where you can sit back and relax in your pajamas all day and drink coffee and read and not be responsible for a bunch of children who aren’t yours. We love our kids in our classes and we love what we do, but we love snowdays as much as the kids!

Snowdays are loved and yes…needed…by both students and teachers for sanity purposes. And since we don’t live in an area that constantly has snowdays for minimal amounts of snow…one here and there won’t harm our school schedule!

So when the news is showing this…

I can hope and pray for a snowday!!!

Please let there be a snowday ❄️

PLEASE let there be a snowday ❄️



2 thoughts on “WE NEED A SNOWDAY!

    • OneBusyMama says:

      The groundhog did not see his shadow. So…here’s hoping for an early spring. But….as much as I want an early spring..myself and my coworkers could REALLY use a snowday.

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