Recommendations needed!

So….since my relocation….I haven’t really followed any new blogs.  I have the few that I was already following. There hasn’t been as much posting this last week and I’ve been itching to do some blog reading so….I’ve been out checking out some new blogs. I found a few I like!! 

But….I’m looking for some more! I love having things to read!!! So, I am looking for some recommendations!  

I love family friendly blogs! The ones that show real family moments and more. Ones with posts I can relate too! I love travel blogs that share the fun moments and photos! If there’s family friendly trips too…even better! I love all sorts of fun and down to earth stuff!

Have someone you really enjoy reading and think I would enjoy as well….share the link to their blog in the comments! 

I love those I am already following….I am just looking for more to read and follow as well!


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