Monday’s Memes


If coffee is a magic potion….I definitely believe in fairytales! I will be drinking this magic potion in mass quantities this week! I hope it brings me back to life adequately each day!

This week I have been approved for some overtime! Usually I have 2 half days and 3 full days. This week I will be working 5 wonderful 9-9 1/2 hour days. A minimum of 5 hours overtime. I’ve grown accustomed to my half days so….I may be dragging by the end of the week!

I usually blog on the spot. I prefer it that way because them my posts are fresh and straight from my brain.  This week, I have a few of my posts pre-written and scheduled. I feel ashamed. 

But….it’s that or possibly no posts due to exhaustion so….it’s still something! 

If I’m not my normal blog stalking and comment crazy self this week….I apologize in advance! I will make up for it!

I leave you with one more wordy meme that fits me very well….

Happy Monday!!!

P.S. On a side note to all my teacher friends…I saw a wonderful McDonalds post about how EVERY Monday in February McDonalds is giving a FREE coffee to teachers with school ID! CHECK IT OUT! Free life-blood!!! 😉 


I am now aware the itty bitty print my sleepy eyes didn’t see says in Central  Alabama! So….Alabama teacher friends….go get some free coffee. 


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