Finally Saying Goodbye to Christmas

Last weekend was our FINAL family Christmas for Christmas 2015!

I’m a firm believer in not taking down the Christmas tree till all our Christmases are completed. Since they finally were…Christmas came down today.

Christmas threw up all over my living room once again…

It was one of those things that should have been simple, but instead I turned it into a big thing. Not only did I take all the ornaments off the tree, sort them, wrap them, and box them…I did so much more!

I found a bunch of other boxes in the basement of Christmas stuff my mom gave us to see if we want it that I never went through. Well…I went through them! Christmas was everywhere. It looked like Christmas threw up all over my living room. Piles were everywhere! It was madness!

Does anyone else so this?

You know… Start putting something away and finding more and more stuff that needs to be figured out so you open it and sort it and clean it too. Then,next thing you know, you have a giant mess that makes no sense to anyone but you.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this!

After doing all the cleaning that seems to make a much bigger mess before it finally  gets better. Christmas was FINALLY put away in all its tubs and boxes. 

I ended guy getting rid of a few paper boxes of stuff as well as some tubs. My van trunk is FULL of things for good will! It makes me happy. 

I finally did some awesome trunk filling de cluttering and…trust me…our basement needs some de cluttering!

It was odd sitting in the living room without the Christmas tree. Felt naked or bare. I can’t seem to remember where some furniture was before I made room for the tree and am having the darndest time figuring out what looks best where… But our living room is a living room again! It got quite the cleaning and looks soooo nice and neat! 

With my 2 boys (mini tornadoes)… I wonder how long that will last.


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