Battle Royale: Me vs 3yr old

“Can he/she sit in your room.  I can’t get them to listen or behave and it’s causing issues with the rest of the class. ”

I hear these words multiple times a week. 

Sometimes daily.

Sometimes multiple times a day.

I seem to be the teacher that others bring the child they are having problems with to. Usually a quick visit with me is all that is needed.  I don’t know what it is.  I have a deeper voice than most of them and a darn good teacher voice (yes…There is a difference.  Other teachers know this to be true. ), but could that be it?  I’m a mom of two high energy stubborn boys…But the kids have never seen my “don’t mess with mom” face or heard my “now you’ve gone and made mom angry” voice. So, that shouldn’t make a difference,  should it?

It happened again today.  This child is a repeat offender…sent to my room today for yelling and screaming and kicking and hitting his teacher during nap time. Not tolerated here. I was told one more issue and the child would leave my room and go sleep somewhere else. Except,  when told that the child would go somewhere else, the child acted out even more. And laughed….

Do any other parents or teachers smell a challenge in that? 

I did. There was no way the child was leaving my room now.


The child screamed and kicked so I took away the blanket from home.  The child hit me and tried to bite me….so I took away the stuffed animal from home. No yelling or getting mad.  Just sheer determination.  I would winthis battle. Next thing you know is laying with nothing but their cot and cot sheet…. screaming about how they want to leave my room and will behave.

Nope.  Not falling for it.

Many people offered to take the child since some of my class was being kept awake because of all the screaming.  Nope.  A point had to be made. A lesson needed to be learned and taking the child out when that is what was wanted… was not going to happen.

Not with him in MY room.

*insert deep and dark and evil laugh here*

Is it bad that I am waaaay more stubborn than a 3 year old? That I refuse to back down. I don’t think so.  But…. that’s just me!

What do you think?


One thought on “Battle Royale: Me vs 3yr old

  1. Tricia M. says:

    Makes me think of some moments with my own children. My husband and I have often told our girls that we’ve had many more years of practice with being stubborn than they’ve had and that there are some battles they will never win. I think it’s great that you’re willing to take in the more challenging kiddos, caring for them and teaching them some very important things. They so much need that!

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