Tasty Thursday: Homemade Kahlua

Earlier I posted about inlaws homemade Christmas. One of my contributions this year is “my” homemade Kahlua that everyone (myself included) enjoyed!

I’m sure all have just been dying to try it yourself!  So, here is the recipe.
I got the recipe from cupcakeproject.com!

To make this wonderful tasty drink; you will need:

* 1 pound light brown sugar
* 6 cups brewed coffee (You are supposed to be able to use your favorite kind.  I didn’t anything special. I just used our normal coffee… But made it a little stronger than normal than normal and added an extra cup of coffee to the recipe. I love my coffee. )
* 3 1/2 tablespoons vanilla extract
* 1/2 liter vodka (The site I got the recipe from recommends pure grain alcohol like Everclear, but I used basic cheap vodka.)

What you need to do:


1) Brew the coffee you want to use for the recipe
2) While it is still hot, mix the fresh brewed coffee with the brown sugar 

3) Let the coffee and brown sugar mixture cool
4) When cool, mix in vanilla and vodka 

5) Bottle it up in a sealable bottle of some kind! I used empty twist top wine bottles that I delabeled.

6) Enjoy! I like to enjoy mine with some half and half over ice. So tasty. Its also delish with homemade creamer! (Some like half coffee liquor and 1/2 half and half. I prefer 2 parts”Kahlua” to 1 part cream, but I do LOVE My coffee! )

That’s it! That is all it takes. 

I made a double batch and got ALL THIS!! Spent $16 on all the ingredients too! 

 Easy peasy and soooo tasty! 

Sooo good that I wanted to lick my spill off of the counter!

It’s great for days when you just want to curl up on the couch and sip something yummy! If you like coffee, but have never tried Kahlua… You’ve GOT To try this!

 Enjoy! Bottoms up! Prost!


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