Like coffee but better!

This  weekend we have our final family Christmas

Yes…. We are still celebrating Christmas.  You have no idea how ready I am for it to be over. I am ready.  I’ve been ready! 

We do the whole Christmas gift exchange a little differently.  It started with everyone bringing two small gifts and “fighting”over them in a gift exchange battle.  Its always a good time and very entertaining!  Last year we added a new twist to it…. It HAD to be Homemade and edible.
We had homemade wine,  homemade pasta,  homemade peanut butter,  homemade twix, homemade bacon vodka (for bloody Mary’s I guess), homemade vanilla bean vodka,  and more.  Hubby made homemade peanut brittle and I made homemade Kahlua.

This year…. The rules are it needs to be homemade and within budget.  It doesn’t need to be edible this year.

Despite the fact that it no longer needs to be edible… Hubby and I stuck with that again this year.  It may have something do with the fact that we put off our gifts till the last possible minute… AKA tonight.

Did I mention “Christmas” is Saturday?

Yeah…. We are procrastinators!

Once again,  Hubby made sweets. This year he is making Rum butter candies,  rock candy,  and homemade custom chocolates. Some chocolates have goodies inside like nuts, peanut butter, marshmallows,  caramel,  or mint chips variety.  I don’t know where he gets his patience because I couldn’t do it.

I made three different things this year! I, again, made the homemade Kahlua. It was a hit last so… Why not?  I made homemade creamer to go with it as well.  Yummmmmm! I love Kahlua and cream! So delish! I love coffee so why wouldn’t I love Kahlua?  The final item in my little homemade gift is peppermint schnapps.  Doesn’t really go with the two, but… It was simple to make and can be really tasty in hot chocolate. Voila!!! My gift is done!


A mini bottle of homemade Kahlua!

The recipe is soon to follow!


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