Happy National Popcorn Day

I have a weakness…

Well…it’s more of an addiction really. 

For some women it’s icecream, for others it’s chocolate, but for me it’s…..

Delicious buttery salty goodness in a tub!

There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh popped popcorn! Unless, of course, someone burns it. Then it’s just a nasty smell! But truly well popped popcorn smells phenomenal! 

Admit it….your mouth is salivating with all the pictures of yummy golden deliciousness and the thought of how it smells!

I’m sure I could research some fun historical information about popcorn, but instead of doing that…I’d rather sit here eating it!


Me right now with my popcorn!

It only fits that the boys and I have a snuggle up in the couch with a bucket of popcorn movie night on National Popcorn Day! (Well…at least Facebook said its national popcorn day, but you know how reliable Facebook can be! I will celebrate anyways!)


Although….they wanted a movie night because Dad went to a boys night movie with some buddies without them and they don’t get the whole grownup boys nights can’t have kids. “But mom…we’re guys too!”

So, here we sit on the couches  with 101 Dalmatians playing  and enjoying some of moms fresh air popped popcorn with a little buttery drizzle!


Ending today with a heaping bowl of wonderful popcorn is perfect!  

ALL PHOTOS (except photos of my boys and my selfie) courtesy of google images for popcorn!!! πŸ™‚ Enjoy!


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