Huskies & Dogsledding Adventure

Over the weekend we got to have our first new little adventure of 2016!

CamMan is a member of a little club at school. It has meetings where they learn things and build things. He made a candy dispenser out of wood and a mason jar a few months ago. This last week they made catapults out of spoons, clothes pins, marshmallows and more. I love seeing him come home with so much pride in what he builds!

The club also has outings. Last fall the kids of the club did this awesome tree climbing adventure! 


Not your normal backyard tree climbing! It was GREAT and while hesitant at first…CamMan loved it!

So…when this little field trip came up….we had to do it! Sadly, BeanBoy had to hang at Grandma’s for the day because there was nothing for his age and it was a chilly day. He was surprisingly ok with it! 

CamMan, Hubby, and I were ready for our new adventure!

It was quite the drive for this field trip! We ended up having one of CamMan’s friends and his mom ride with us. Listening to the kids talk and play made it an entertaining little trip and made it feel much quicker. Next thing you know we were there!

After a quick introduction, a once over with the rules, and instructions for how to work the sleds…we were out in the dog yard and surrounded by a bunch of beautiful, fluffy, and Loveable Huskies!


When I say surrounded, I mean we had about 30 dogs running around in the little dog run begging for pets and love and kisses!


Family selfie with a Husky!


You’d be squatting down and petting and snuggling one of these blue eyes beauties and another would put its paws on your shoulders and lick your ears as if saying “Come on! It’s my turn!!”

How can you not love these faces?

After all the love and snuggles is when the real adventure began!

The dogs got harnessed up to a dog sled! It was time to go for a ride! The kids all had the opportunity to go for a ride on the big sled pulled by a team of 16 and the adults could drive a smaller sled with a team of 4.

We were so excited! CamMan and his buddy couldn’t wait for their ride and Hubby and I were excited to try something new and drive a dog sled!

When it was CamMan’s turn he was a little nervous….

Once they were all snug in the sled it was time to go!!!!

The rides were only a few minutes, but CamMan has been talking about it nonstop since!

Hubby looked like a natural behind the small team sled….

And NOT just because he has the perfect hairy man beard! (Complete with icicles from his breath hanging from his mustache and beard)

He just looked like a pro! Like he belongs out there!  Am I right?

Sadly…I did not get a chance to drive the sled. I was in line waiting for the last run (since I was taking photos for everyone) and a lady…who had already went…decided that her second turn was more important than my first. Since it was a church/school club, I decided to bite my tongue.

Ride or now….I truly had an amazing day spending time with these beautiful animals and watching the kids experience such a unique experience! 

When you get to spend time with beauties like these…how can you be upset?


Such a great day and an AMAZING experience! Can’t wait for the next one!!!! 
All photos in this blog are my own work. Please ask my permission before reblogging or posting this post or any of my photos! Thank you!!!! 


2 thoughts on “Huskies & Dogsledding Adventure

    • OneBusyMama says:

      Trust me…I was tempted, but at a church/school outing….I decided it wasn’t the best move. Someone who didn’t get to go was asking me about it and I was talking about driving and saw the other lady and made a comment a little louder than normal about how I didn’t get to drive because I was taking pictures for everyone and got skipped by someone who wanted their second turn. She asked who. Lucky for me I could do the whole “I’ve only been here for 2 years and don’t know yet.” I really did have a good time either way! The puppy snuggles along were awesome!

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