Everyone is welcome!

Welcome to my blog!

It’s going to be a chaotic combo of attempted organized blogging with some random ramblings mixed in…. Because that is who I am.

Be prepared for foodie posts,  travel posts,  nerding posts,  teacher posts, family rants, and proud mommy posts.  I may try one thing and decide i don’t like it anymore and switch to something else. Expect the unexpected.  Happy… sad… angry…I have all these emotions so why shouldn’t my blog?

Controlled chaos is my life!

Don’t forget to check out the other links in the menu above to see more about who I am and where I’ve been and where I want to go! You can dive into the pure awesomeness of my bucket list and inspire some idea of your own…or inspire more for me to put on mine!

I hope you enjoy your peeks into the controlled chaos that is my life!  If you do…. There’s an adorable little “follow” button you can click!  Also… Don’t be shy!  I love comments!

Thanks for stopping by!


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