Over a year? For real?!?!

Wait. It’s been over a YEAR since I last wrote? 

Is this for realsies?!?!

Well…I can’t promise much, but I sure as heck am going to try again! So much going on and an outlet is never a bad thing!

Sorry I just disappeared. Sorry I’ve been gone/Mia. I’m here now. But….where to begin!????! Hmmmmm!


Potential New Overseas Adventure!

So….after off hand comments about it for months, my Hubby just found out his work make be sending him overseas for a week or so. 

If this happens, we have decided that I will be renewing my passport and joining him for a week or so touring over yander!

Anyone know anything about Bratislava? What’s close to that area? Nearby places to see? 

I have been to the European area before. Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Portugal are places I have been! I think hubby would love Germany and France, but would like Ireland and maybe the UK area over the others. 

It would only be for a week or so. So…places that we can get to easily by train. That type of thing. Anyone have any information I need? Any recommendations? 

If it even happens, it will be in fall. Not holding my breath, but keeping my fingers crossed that it happens. After all, I live for the next adventure!!!!! 😀

Oops I did it again

No…..it’s not just a Britney reference. 

I had disappeared again.

I told myself I wasn’t going to do it anymore.

Sadly, knowing me, at some point in time it will probably happen again because….well….life happens. Ha ha.

I was having issues with blogging and WordPress and deleted the apps  from both my phone AND tablet and said screw it and didn’t look back. But….I have a highly addictive personality and was only gone for a monthish and was missing my blogging world long before that.

So, I’m back.

Just a heads up….it’s summer. 

I’m sure this gets a “uhhhh….yeah….duh” response. He he. But we get really busy in summer so….if I’m pokey to write or whatever….I apologize in advance! 🙂

***posted gifs are from rebloggy.com buy seriously…..who doesn’t love some old school Britney***

Mic’s Pics – Baby Bird

The other week, we were outside in the backyard doing some yardwork…when we stumbled across something wonderful and beautiful and just plain awesome. It was a birds nest…complete with some no longer itty-bitties, but babies none the less. The boys would constantly walk over to the bush/mini tree and peek to see if the babies were there and if mama was there and what they were all doing.

Since then, the babies must have learned to fly and left the nest, but the boys still check and the memories remain.

Here are a few shots I captured of our little birdie neighbors!

Camping, Hiking, & Biking…Oh my!!!

Memorial Day Weekend.
It’s a long anticipated weekend here in the US of A. One of our few yet glorious 4 day weekends. People often get so caught up in the fun of a 4 day weekend that they forget the real meaning behind the Holiday. (And its not just so people can have an extended weekend.)

Memorial Day is a day for remembering those that have served in the different branches of our country’s military, sacrificed so much, and have not come home. I work very hard to instill pride in our country into my children. American Pride and utmost respect for those who risk so much to serve us. (Including Army, Airforce, Navy, Marines, Police, Firefighters and more) I want my kids to know those who put their lives on the line for us every day and to treat them with honor and respect. This is another one of those times where I try more than ever to make sure they appreciate all these people have done for them. To me, its not just about showing honor and respect, but appreciation. They do what they do so that we can have the lives that we have. So we can enjoy our families instead of having to worry about the threats to us and our country that they deal with daily.

So…enjoy my family I did! We went camping with family as we do every Memorial Day Weekend!

We started the weekend with a bang…literally! We were driving in and bang. A biscuits can (like crescent roll cans that pop when opened and scare the bejesus out of you) exploded on its own in the car. Nice. So I grabbed what was still  good and a brandy old fashioned and attempted camping monkeybread!

Then the rain came and the night ended a little earlier than planned.

I have to say…. Rain while camping may not be the best thing, but I love the sound of rain falling on the roof of the camper! It’s so peaceful!

Saturday started beautifully! The weather was gorgeous! The kiddos worked on filling out their junior park ranger books. They have tasks to do to complete them… Like looking under rocks for critters!

Dad helped the boys out too!!!

We had a whole day full of bike riding and swimming and more. Although…while the kids and men hung out at the beach…my sis n law and I went for a nice long walk!

The kids (boys especially) spent most of the weekend biking around and around and around. They were determined to carry their American Flags with them everywhere they went and kept chanting “USA!! USA!! USA!!” or Yelling “AMERICA” 

(Yes…America. Not Murica or Merica or whatever the crappy shortened version of it that is flying around now a days is. I told them to respect their country and use its real name.) Gotta love their country pride!


The rest of that night got kinda icky. It didn’t just rain. It assault downpoured on us. People got drunk and annoying. People got emotional. Hey, its a rainy day camping and being cold and wet and rained on can ruin anyone’s good mood. We ended up playing cribbage and apparently I became a target for my TL and JK to throw june bugs at. I am not afraid of them but think they are gross and them flying at me can make me squeak a bit. So, they took it upon themselves to grab all the june bugs they could and actually throw them AT me.

Once that started, the night became short lived and off to bed we went.


The next day was filled with all sorts of adventures.

I got into an argument with someone about why they can’t say its ok for my child to use an axe to chop wood after I specifically said no. “But I said it is ok.” Ummm…yeah, but last time I checked you aren’t the parent. You didn’t push for 25-26 hours to get him out and you sure as heck aren’t his paper by legal documentation so….Nope…you have no say. If I say NO, I mean NO and you WILL respect that. But seriously, what about letting a 10, 9, and 7 year old goof off and chop wood together seems like a smart idea? Especially when 2 of the 3 don’t know how to use an axe. Yep, lets let them go off and chop wood.


The day quickly got better. Hubby was throwing a hula hoop in the air for my CareBear and she thought it was the funniest thing ever. 

She was laughing so deep and so hard that her laugh could be heard from several campsites down. It’s one of those completely infectious and contagious laughs. I couldn’t get over it. Hubby was loving every minute of the attention.


With the wood chopping nixed by me, my boys quickly opted for some tree climbing. As there was a half chopped down tree behind our site…it was the perfect spot. 

So many branches to climb under and over. Daring to walk out as far as they could onto the skinniest of branches to see if it might hold them. Next thing you know it turned into some sort of a game. I love a child’s creativity. To turn something so simple into something so wonderful and magical.

 I was asked to braid of of my nieces hair and next thing you know, Its Auntie’s hair salon right on the picnic table. I braided 4 of the girls hair as well as both of my sisters n law. (CL and JK) Once a walk was suggestion…I was quick to say yes! My hands were starting to ache. Ha Ha. 

The walk was full of laughs, beautiful views, flower picking, putting flowers in our hair like rapunzel, races, exploring and more. 

We were all soon lost in our own worlds. The kids weren’t up for more than a short walk before they were itching to bike and just hang out.

 The weekend became a walking/hiking weekend for me and CL though. We opted for another walk. This time on a loop of a trail that she found that promised some good views. She was anxious to achieve her 20,000 fit bit steps award so…off her, my mom n law, and myself went. It started like a normal hike with some trail walking and a little uphill walking and a beautiful view to start. 

Then, it quickly turned into something else. Nature’s very own STAIRMASTER!

The trail became tons of little wooden steps in the side of the hill. We approached the first set as a challenge and half ran up them.


 Each set became more and more challenging as they got steeper and we got higher up and more tired as we went. The woods and the views were beautiful.

And while it was more than we expected, it was definitely worth the hike! I would do it again in a heartbeat! 

We even found out that there is a trail from this state park to a tower as well as to another state park that is 6 miles away. CL and I plan on taking it on someday.
The night was more enjoyable than the previous one. We had some good times. We found bugs and worms…

My niece Avea lost a tooth…somewhere in her smore.

And…I got a psychic vision into a future of emergency room visits and broken bokes with a newly developed daredevil on our hands…

Oh….and Don’t forget another walk. Yup. A night hike complete with gross hanging bugs (That I almost walked face first into)

 The next day was shortlived as (just like a hotel) we have a certain time to be out of our campsite by. We packed up and spent what was left out out time there at the beach. The kids swam and played. We watched a drone flying over head and even got to talk to the guy who had it and inspect it a bit more. CamMan thought it looked like something out of Star Wars.


All in all….we had a good weekend. And when you have kids who are more like eachother’s best friends than cousins…..how can it be anything but good. I am  thankful each and every day that I live so close to my family and husband’s family. I was close to my cousins growing up and I love that they are close to theirs. It makes me think of me and my cousins growing up as kids. Oh the memories it brings back and….oh the memories they kids will have when hey grow up!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend (Or normal weekend if you aren’t of the USA!)


P.S. This was meant to post end of May. However, I was having issues with wordpress and got so frustrated that I saved it as a draft and said screw it….time for a blog break. I have enough going on without having to worry about the blog. Then, yesterday I got a notification that someone liked & commented on it (Hi Clare) and went…..what???? So, I hurried on to finish it. Sorry for any confusion!



Monday Memes

It’s not just Monday! It’s not just Monday Memes! It’s Memorial Day! (More about Memorial Day to come later) Since we are granted a day off on this holiday…and a Monday too…it’s a special Monday Memes!!! 

I’m off camping for the weekend (and yes…this post is pre done because…well…IM CAMPING!) so today’s Monday Memes will be camping themed!!!! 

Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! I will fill you all in on mine….when I return! 😉

Here fishy fishy fishy!!

The other weekend, a local town had a kids fishing competition! My brother-n-law CL was all about taking his girls. The boys were just curious enough to tag along. 

Sadly…. The lake we were fishing on was crap and the kids caught nada. 

BeanBoy got a little bored… Can you tell? 

They did get some awesome raffle prizes though! Who can complain about a nice football and a new fishing  pole!

My lil Biker Dude

The other week, Hubby decided to start teaching the BeanBoy how to ride his bike without training wheels. 

A few years ago CamMan kind of taught himself at daycare and Hubby felt a little jipped out of the father/son biking lessons. He was not going to miss out on this one!

Day 1- Went much better than expected. Lots of Daddy running next to BeanBoy while he pedaled, but….he was only holding on lightly with one hand.

He even biked about 10 feet on his own when he didn’t know that Dad let go!!!! I call it a successful first day!!

Day 2- I don’t have any photos of…I took videos instead. *hangs head in shame for no photos* But…he once again did great! He started with dads assistance again and also did some biking without dad holding on and he KNEW dad wasn’t holding on! 😮

Day 3- Day three was a shocker. 

He did most of his biking without anyone holding onto the bike.

And since we live on a little circle, Hubby just ran next to him in case he was needed because his steering wasn’t the best yet and we really didn’t want him to hit any neighbor’s cars!

 He needed Hubby’s help getting started, but that was about it! 

By the end of Day 3…you would have thought we’ve been teaching him to do this for much longer than we did! He was cruising around like a champ!

That was too easy! Maybe it’s because we’ve had his training wheels raised off the ground for a few months now. Maybe he was just born to ride. Whatever the case may be….


Heaven on Earth!

Are you reading the title in your best upper class voice?

No, I’m not a country club member and no….I don’t make enough $$ to belong to a country club. Reading the pamphlet and what the yearly $$$ is caused a pretty serious jaw drop from yours truly. We went because we were invited.

My husband’s Grandma’s fiancé (say that three times fast) just had a birthday and Grandma decided to have a surprise birthday brunch for him at the country club. 

A surprise, but no yelling “SUPRISE!!!” Because we don’t have to give the poor sweet man a reason for his pace maker to kick in! 

The drive down the club’s driveway was impressive! The entry way was gorgeous! Everything was just so perfect looking and when I walked into the party room and a server immediately asked if I would like some champagne or a mimosa…I knew I was in heaven!

There wasn’t just an angel walking around getting people delicious heavenly drinks….there was also a coffee bar complete with coffee and cream and sugar and flavor syrups!!!! In my opinion, coffee has to be the drink of the gods  and this just had to be another sign that I died and gone to heaven!

Then, the kiddos spotted….the juice bar! Complete with 6 different juices! Six!!!! Do we really need six juice choices? Probably not. We’re we happy to have them? Yes!!! Did the kids love it? YES!!!!! Did they sample each and every one?? OF COURSE!!!!!!

And they did so with style!! Yes, those are my boys drinking from fancy lil glasses and dresses like little studs! 

After all…..it was a rather fancy affair! This tomboy even got dressed up for the occasion!

No….your eyes are not deceiving you. I AM WEARING A DRESS!!!! This is something that never happens! I can probably count all the times I’ve worn a dress on two hands. Well….maybe two hands and two feet….but not much more! Growing up a huge tomboy….dresses and I didn’t get along!

I think this tomboy rocked her Country Club attire!!! It helped that it is one of my many new LuLaRoe items and is super comfortable! ❤️ 

The food made wearing the dress even easier than it was with it already being sooo comfy!

Oh…..the food!!!!


There was a custom waffle station complete with A fancy hat chef, an omlette fancy hat chef station, a breakfast brunch heavenly buffet, a yogurt & toppings bar, and a fruit and salad table.

I didn’t even mention the best part!

There was a…..


It was full of all sorts of naughty (for my diet) and delicious sweet treats! There were cupcakes and muffins, pudding of some sort and fruit like a parfait in champagne flutes, brownies, cakes, and Danishes!

That’s not all!!!!

Cheesecakes and truffley thingies!

There were about 5 or more different kinds of cheesecakes and the fact that I somehow managed to contain myself and try only ONE was a miracle in and of itself!

There were also multiple varieties of the truffley things! I by some strange willpower managed to eat only one. It was a white chocolate something or another (technical term) and to saw it was magnificent would be too modest. It was down right heavenly. 

Seriously died and went to heaven and came back all in one bite!


Oh…..wait…..there’s MORE! 

This next part even the kids were super psyched for! This may have been the highlight of my boys day!

A chocolate fountain!  

They had all sorts of dipping goodies too! They had strawberries, bananas, pretzels, marshmallows, Oreos, and Rice Krispies! There was more but I can’t remember it all! CamMan loved the fountain! I think my sweet toothed child could have stayed there all day if we let him. 

He ate a very good brunch so…he also got to eat all the sweets he wanted! He definitely took advantage of that!

Needless to say…we had a good day! We learned a few good things too…

1) There is such a thing as heaven on earth where angels serve you heavenly food and drinks!

2) Getting dressed up is definitely worth all the tongue teasing tasties!!

3) There is no such thing as too much chocolate when it comes to a chocolate fountain!

4) Even something that seems boring…like brunch at Grandma’s Country Club…can be a fun adventure!!!